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The iPhone 6 is Apple’s 4.7 inch smart phone with a completely revamped style that looks like an iPad, with its rounded corners, ultra thin body but with much better cameras, faster processors and NFC for Apple Pay System. This phone has three different models based on its memory capacity which are 16, 64 and 128 GB.
Though the makers have outdone themselves with this brilliant state-of-the-art mobile phone, it is still a phone that requires extra care and gentle handling. There are a number of accessories available to make your iPhone 6 experience much better.

I- Iphone 6 Usual Accessories:

Every smart phone has a variety of accessories to enhance your overall mobile experience. Be it to improve its performance or just to safeguard it. iPhone has a variety of accessories that are listed below. These accessories are split into two parts – essential and secondary to make it easier for you to understand about them better.

Essential Accessories For iPhone 6:

Thanks to cut-throat competition among phone companies, users benefit from a vast array of accessories available in the market, but not all of them are essential. Here is a list of accessories that are essential for an iPhone 6, because when your phone is not safe or doesn’t have sufficient charge, there is no use in owning one of the best mobile phones in the world.

A. Protection


Smart phones these days are made to look sleek, beautiful and light in your pocket. Gone are the days where they were heavy and bulky because of the sturdy material used to make them. Thus, today’s smart phones need to be protected not only from an inquisitive toddler, but also from ourselves. When you forget you have other sharp elements in your bag and put your phone in it only to realise later that there are a million scratches on it. To avoid this, invest in these accessories is a smart bet.

1. Make a Style Statement With iPhone 6 Cases/ Covers/ Wallet/ Sleeve


The beautiful and light weight aluminium body was more of a problem than advancement in designing. This super thin frame caused the frame to bend when enough pressure was applied below the lower volume button. Though this issue was resolved in iPhone 6s, what about those who have already shelled out on iPhone 6? There are a number of cases and covers one can use to protect their bendable phones. Some of them are: Battery case, Multifunctional Case, Armband, Sleeve, Flip Case…Etc.

Note: You can find the details of all the above mentioned items in a separate article which takes an in-depth look at 43 iPhone 6 case and cover reviewed – it is a must read article.

2. iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector

iPhone-6-Glass Screen-Protector

This phone comes with a 4.7 inch screen that helps you literally look at the bigger picture. It is always advisable to protect these screens as they are not shatterproof. Using a glass screen protector ensures you have the same picture quality and clarity. The 7 major types of screen protectors are: Anti-Glare (Matte), Scratch-Proof, Ultra Clear & High Definition, Front and Back, Edge-to-Edge Glass, Or an All-in-one Screen protection.


3. Screen Replacement Kit:


Despite all the extra caution and protection, if you were to get your screen damaged, fret not. Amazon offers you a full replacement kit that includes a replacement glass, tools, adhesive, tweezers, micro fibre cleaning cloth and lens. It enables you to change your damaged screen at home.

Buy: Complete Screen Repair Kit [Iphone 6 Screen + ToolKit + Glass Protector]

B. Energy


This phone has a 1,810mAh battery that cannot be removed. This battery is slightly bigger than that of the iPhone 5. The battery is expected to last up to 250 hours while on standby and up to 14 hours talk time on 3G. Here are a number of charging options to get the best out of your phone battery:

1. Charger:

a). iPhone 6 Wall Quick Smart Charger:


This type of a charger allows you to fast charge your phone anywhere with a plug socket. It combines power IQ and voltage boost software to charge your phone in no time. It has a dual port, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time.

Buy: Smart Wall Charger (All iPhones) [#1 Best Seller – 63% OFF – SAVE $19.00]

b). iPhone 6 USB Lightning Charger Cable:


The cable of your charger that you get along with the phone is too small. Use these cables and replace your 3 ft cables or you can use this as a spare charger. These cables are more durable and hence last longer.

Buy: 3ft Lightning USB Cable [4.5 Stars – 70% OFF – SAVE $14.00 – Durable]

c). iPhone 6 Desk Charging Station (Dock):

This type of charger helps you prop up your phone on your table while it is charging. You don’t have to worry about the length of your cord or hold your phone in an awkward angle to use it while on charge. This charger has 3 different types namely.

i). Simple:


This allows you to charge one iPhone at a time.

Buy: Charging Dock Station & Holder [4 Stars]
ii). Multi Device:


This allows you to charge a number of Apple devices, simultaneously.

Buy: Multi-Device Charging Station [Different Sizes – Designs & Colors]
iii). Smart Phone+ Smart Watch:


This can hold and charge both your Apple watch and phone at the same time.

Buy: Apple Watch & Iphone Stand [Different Designs,Colors, Sizes]

d). iPhone 6 Wireless Charger:


Love to use your phone even while charging it? This device charges your phone when it is within the specified distance, without having to connect it anywhere.

Buy(Recommended): Best Wireless Charger Kit 2ND Gen [12% OFF – SAVE $3.66]

e). iPhone 6 Solar Charger:


Go green with this charger that can charge itself under the sun and can charge more than one phone at a time.

Buy: Solar Charger Without Power bank [4.5 Stars – 2 USB]

Or, Buy: Solar Charger With 5000mAh Power Bank [#1Best Seller – Low Price]

f). iPhone 6 Charger Case (With External Battery):


This amazing case can not only protect your phone but can also charge it. The integrated power switch allows you to switch on or off the battery charger and also has a battery power indicator.

Buy: The Best Battery Case [67% OFF – SAVE $67.03]

Or, Read More: 43 cases for iPhone 6.

g). iPhone 6 Car Charger:


This enables you to charge more than one phone on the go.

Buy: The Best USB Car Charger [58% OFF – SAVE $23.00]

h). iPhone 6 Charging Port Replacement:

Plugging in and pulling out your charger cable can sometimes damage your phone charging port. This can be easily rectified with a replacement kit that comes with the USB charging port, silver Microphone, Audio jack Antenna Vibration and Loudspeaker Connector that are pre installed. Two screws are also provided.

Buy: iPhone 6 charging port replacement

2). Power Bank (Portable Charger):


This helps you keep your phone charged at all times. There are many types of power banks with varied power outlet a number of charging ports. Though they may not charge as fast as a regular wall charger, they are perfectly safe and portable.

Buy: Power Bank [Different Capacity, Designs, Colors] We Recommend Anker As Brand.
Or, Read More: Top 10 Power Bank for Smart phone(link)

3). iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Kit:


This is a high-end kit that allows you to replace your damaged battery without any professional help. It comes with the required tools, battery, step by step instructions to help you change the battery as well as an access to an online video and PDF book.

Buy: Best Battery Replacement kit [Low Price]

Secondary Accessories for You

There’s more to accessorizing your phone. It’s all about customizing your phone to make it as unique as you. Here are some accessories that are a must have if you really want to get the best out of your mobile. Enjoy it more than what the makers envisioned.

A. iPhone 6 VR Virtual Reality Headset (3D VR Glasses):


Love playing games or watching movies on your phone? You will love it more with these glasses that enable you to have a virtual experience anywhere you want, like never before. All you need to do is wear these glasses and you will be transported to a different world.

Buy: VR HeadSet 3D Glasses [4.5 Stars]

Or, Read: Top 10 Universal VR HeadSet

B. Sound:


Gone are the days where the only focus of the sound department was to ensure you heard your caller loud and clear. With today’s technology, you can experience amazing sound clarity, be it on your call, a music track, movie or games. Sound plays a vital role in making your mobile experience complete. Some of the accessories that help you get the best sound from your phone are:

1. Earphones (Wired & Wireless):


Every smart phone is equipped to support two types of earphones- wired and wireless which works on Bluetooth technology. These help you cut out the outside noise.

Buy: EarPhones [Different Types – Colors – Designs] We Recommend Panasonic as Brand.

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2. Headphones (Wired & Wireless):


Again, these headphones come in two types – wired and wireless that operates using the Bluetooth technology. If you don’t like inserting anything into your ears, this is your answer.

Buy: The Best HeadPhone [4.5 Stars – 44% OFF – SAVE $22.00] Or See More Here

Or, Read: Top 10 HeadPhones For 2016

3. Bluetooth Headset (Hands-free Call):


The Bluetooth headset is sleek and fits perfectly in to your ear and has a long lasting battery. When you are on a long call, use this device to avoid holding your phone to your ear for a long time.

Buy: Best Bluetooth Headset [Low Price]

Or, Read: Top 10 Bluetooth HeadSet For 2016

4. External Microphone:


The smartLav+ by Rode is a microphone of broadcast quality, which can be worn. It is used widely in television, broadcast scenarios etc, where the audio needs to be audible to a large audience and be discreet at the same time.  The required audio can be recorded by simply by connecting the mounted SmartLav+ to a smart phone or tablet headset jack. It is then recorded using the RDE Rec App for iOS, which turns the phone into a full featured recorder.

Buy: Mic for SmartPhones [12% OFF – SAVE $11.00 + FREE Shipping]

5. iPhone 6 Docking Station With Stereo Speakers:


A dock doubles up as a charger cum speakers that enable you to experience music better. You can charge your phone without connecting it to a cable or charger, etc. Aud 3 allows you to charge your phone and play music at the same time. The dock features high power acoustics and a passive radiator which reinforces the bass to make it deep. It provided full on digital sound and is equipped with power and volume controls so that you don’t have to reach for your phone every time.

Buy: Best Speaker Dock For iPhone [Low Price – FREE Shipping]

C. Photography:


This phone comes with the “focus pixels” technology that effectively reduces the number of blurred shots as the camera focuses on multiple spots automatically. It is also known to focus twice as fast as the 5S.

1. iPhone 6 Tripod Mount:

A tripod helps to get the perfect shot without the issues of shake. It enables you to get those perfect shots despite low light or when you want those perfect pictures of yourself.

a). Monopod (Selfie Stick):


Clicking a photo with a selfie stick is great because you can be in every picture in any angle!

Buy: The Best Selfie Stick [4.5 Stars – 40% OFF – SAVE $11.96]

Or Read: Top 10 Selfie Stick For 2016

b). Flexible and Non-Flexible Tripod Stand:


A non-flexible tripod enables you to click those perfect shots limited to only swiveling your phone to get the right spot or light. This stand has to be placed on a firm base. A flexible tripod has legs that can be bent to get the right angle or height for your shots or can even be used to mount on trees or other objects. Also, both portrait and landscape shots are possible with this stand.


c) Tripod Stand with Smart Phone Adapter:


This is a tripod that can be used with both your camera and your smart phone. With this device, one needn’t carry multiple tripods to capture those perfect shots on both your camera and phone.

Buy: The Best Tripod [Low Price] (Bag & Smartphone Adapter include)

d). Bluetooth Camera Shutter Release (Wireless Remote Control):


If you own a tripod mount, this is a must have accessory. It allows you to take shots from as far as 3 feet from your tripod and all you have to do is just pair the remote with your phone.

Buy: Pro Remote Camera Shutter [5 Stars – 62% OFF – SAVE $36.98] Or go with Low Price Solution Shutter Remote Control Only $6

2. iPhone 6 Detachable Lenses:

When you want more clarity in your photos, your phone’s inbuilt lens won’t do the trick. There are many detachable lenses in the market that enable you to click pictures using different lenses just like in cameras. There are professional and cheap alternatives.

a). Pro way- Sony:


This is effectively a camera and not a lens. If you want to take your photography to a whole different level or are not happy with your phone camera, this is the right choice for you. The camera and phone can be connected with just a single touch and you can edit your photos using various Apps online. This camera is compatible with most iPhones.

Buy: Sony Attachable Lens [8% OFF – SAVE $19.99]

c). Cheap Option iPhone 6 All-In-One Lens ( Fisheye, Macro, Telephoto, Zoom Lens):

iPhone-6-All-In-One-Lens-Fisheye-Macro-Telephoto-Zoom Lens

These lenses can be easily carried around and can be attached to your phone as and when you want. Lens with different zooming features are also available to suit your photographical requirements.

Buy: 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit [Low Price] Or Telephoto Lens [39% OFF – SAVE $29.00 + Mini Tripod]

3. Wireless Mobile Printer:


Want to print those perfect shots right away? This wireless ZIP mobile printer from Polaroid uses Bluetooth technology to print photos right from your phone. This printer prints on premium ZINK™ zero papers and the photos are full color, smudge free and can be peeled back and stuck on surfaces.

Buy: Mobile Printer [#1 Best Seller – 20% OFF – SAVE $31.99]

4. Storage Driver:


Add more Space to Your iPhone 6 by usign a Mobile Driver, as that you can take more photos, videos, or just put on it some Movies & MP3, and enjoy…

Buy: Pro 16GB Mobile Storage For IOS [22% OFF – SAVE $12.99]

D. iPhone 6 Stand And Holder:

1. Normal Desk Stand For iPhone 6:

Normal-Desk-Stand-For-iPhone 6

This stand holds up your phone in such a way that you can use your phone without having to hold it in your hands. It has an anti-slip rubber surface and can be placed on your desk.

Buy: Cool Design Desk Stand [Aluminum – Different Colors]

2. iPhone 6 Bike Mount Holder:

Tired of fishing your phone out of pocket while you are on the bike? Say hello to the bike mount holder which enables you to literally mount your phone on to the handlebar of your bike. Thee holders come in three types:

a). Stretchy Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder:


This type comes with an adjustable clamp and a silicone band that grips device of any size, firmly.

Buy(Recommended): Universal Secure Flexible Bike Mount [#1 Best Seller – 30% OFF – SAVE $9.02]

b). Normal Bike Mount Quad Lock Case:



This is strong, durable and lets you mount your phone on anything with a handle.

Buy: Quad Lock Case For iPhone 6 [Durable]

c). Water Proof Bicycle Holder Mount Shock Proof Case:


This mount is weather proof and shock proof and can be used even in rains.

Buy: Water & Shock Proof Bike Mount [Extra Strong – 6 Colors]

3. iPhone 6 Car phone holder (Car Mount):

A car mount stand enables you to use your phone while driving, without having to hold it, which can be dangerous. Car mounts come in three different types:

a). Windshield Car iPhone 6 Holder:


This mount can be attached to your windshield with the help of a powerful suction which ensures your phone doesn’t shake even on bad roads.

Buy: The Best WindShiel Phone Holder [4.5 Stars – 50% – SAVE $25.00]

b). Magnetic Vehicle Mount:


This mount can be attached to the air vent of your car and holds your phone with its magnet.

Buy: Magnetic car Holder [4.5 Stars – 77% OFF – SAVE $23.00]

c). Stand Car Mount:


This stand can be fixed to any smooth surface and allows you to rotate your phone a full 360 degrees.

Buy: Stand Car Holder For iPhone 6 [33% OFF – SAVE $5.00]

4. iPhone 6 Desk Kick Stand:


This stand can be easily attached to the side of any table,bed or counter and has a flexible arm that allows you to angle your phone for convenient viewing, so no more holding phone for too long.

Buy: Cell Phone Holder [57% OFF – SAVE $20.00]

E. Repair Tool Kit for Apple:


This tool kit includes an ultra thin steel pry to pry open your phone, a sim card opener, a micro fiber cleaning cloth and three different types of screw drivers. This kit helps you repair your phone all by yourself by just simply following the instructions.

Buy: The Best Repair Tool Kit For Apple [4.5 Stars – Low Price]

F. Sim Card Kit (Contains Adapter, Cutter and Sim Removing Pin):


As the phone models change, the size of the sim card slot also changes. It is a hassle to get a new sim card every time you change your phone. This kit enables you to cut your sim card to a mini sim or even a nano sim, with precision.

Buy: Sim Card Cutter All-in-One Pack [47% OFF – SAVE $7.00]

G. iPhone 6 Silicone Anti-Dust Plugs:


These silicone plugs can be inserted into every opening of your phone, such as the charging port and earphone slot. This prevents dust from going in and can be easily installed and removed.

Buy(Recommended): Silicone Anti Dust Plugs 

H. Cable And Adapters:

1. Mini USB Key Cable:

This charging cable attached to a key ring ensures you can charge your phone anywhere you go. This flexible cable enables you to charge as well as sync media when connected to your computer.

Buy: Pro Mini USB [50% OFF – SAVE $5.04]

2. iPhone 6 To TV HDMI Cable (Adapter Also):

iPhone 6-AV-Adapter-TV-to-HDMI-Cable

This lightning digital AV adapter not only lets you see your phone video content on the big screen but can also mirror your smart phone screen on to your TV.

Buy: Pro Iphone AV Adapter [4.5 Stars – FREE Shipping]

I. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 6 (Wireless):

You can get a full keyboard on your smart phone screen and type just like you would on a regular keyboard. However, finding the right position to type freely can be a challenge in a phone as you cannot place it flat on its back and type for long. The three different styles are:

1. iPhone 6 Keyboard Case (Slide out):


These are phone cases that have a built in keyboard that can be slid out when required. This keyboard can be paired to the phone via Bluetooth and can be switched off when not in use, to save battery. This keyboard can be recharged via the onboard battery, to ensure it doesn’t drain out the phone’s battery.

Buy: Bluetooth Keyboard Case [Different Designs]

2. Flexible Silicon Keyboard:


This keyboard is made out of silicone which enables it to be folded up and stored in your pocket. It can also be washed. The Bluetooth connectivity allows it to be used from as far as 10m.

Buy: Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard

3. Foldable keyboard (Recommended):


This Bluetooth pocket sized keyboard is light and easily portable as it can be tri-folded for easy storage. It also has an auto sleep mode to help you conserve battery.

Buy(Recommended): Durable Ultraslim Mini Keyboard [28% OFF – SAVE $14.00]

4. Visual Laser Keyboard:


A virtual keyboard is displayed on the surface with the help of a laser. The finger movements and key strokes are then registered with the help of a sensor camera. This enables you to type on a proper keyboard without having to carry one around.

Buy: Bluetooth Laser Virtual keyboard [84% OFF]

J. Smart Phone Winter Gadgets:

When the weather gets cold, operating your smart phone may not be all that easy. Here are a couple of accessories that can help you during the cold weather:

1. Gloves:


When your fingers are numb, trying to anything on your smart phone is definitely a challenge. However, there are gloves that can help you keep your hands warm and work with excellent precision on your phone screen.

Buy: Touchscreen Gloves [Low Price]

Or, read: Top 10 TouchScreen Gloves for Winter

2. Wireless Hat:


This is more than hat to keep you warm. It has a built in speakers and microphone that operate like a Bluetooth headset.

Buy: Wireless Hat  [40% OFF – SAVE $20.00 – many Colors & designs]

K. iPhone 6 Docking Station With Clock Alarm And Radio Speaker:


This dock not only allows you to charge your phone while listening to music, it acts as an alarm too. This dock comes with an inbuilt clock that auto syncs itself to the time on your iPhone. You can store 6 different FM channels and experience rich sound by the Reson8 speakers.

Buy: Pro Stereo FM Clock Radio [2 Sizes]

L. iPhone 6 Stylus:


A stylus is like a pen for your touch screen which enables you to select write, etc, on your screen without scratching it. The stylus can also be attached to the phone with the help of a headset jack, so that you don’t have to fish for it every time.

Buy: iPhone 6 Stylus [Different Designs & Colors]

M. Game Controller for Smart Phone:


A game controller works on Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iOS 7 and above. The controller has all the features and is portable.

Buy: Pro Wireless Game Controler for IOS [5 Stars – 2 Colors]

N. Mini Joystick Smart Phone Controller:


This stick made out of aluminum is light and can be attached to your phone with the help of the suction cup. This will not cause any marks on your screen and enables precise interaction with the controls of the game, to make it more enjoyable.

Buy: Mini Joystick [46% OFF – SAVE $16.50]

O. Screen Cleaning Wipes:


These wipes are specially designed to give you squeaky clean touch screens without leaving any streaks.

Buy(Very Recommended): Screen Cleaning Wipes [20% OFF]

Bonus: You can Subscribe and Download the eBook on iPhone 6 tips and tricks which also exposes 10 secrets about your phone.

II- Mind Blowing Accessories

Think you have read about all accessories for your iPhone 6? There is more! Accessories you never thought could exist and that too at such low prices.

A. Robots – Sphero Star Wars & Sphero 2.0:


Attention all Star Wars fans, droids are no more limited to the big screen. You can own one and control it with your smart phone. This Star Wars BB-8 Droid not only moves smoothly but also listens and responds to you. You can record and view holographic videos, and your droid has a personality of its own which evolves as it interacts with you.

Buy: Sphero Star wars [#1 Best Seller] Or Robotic Ball [17% OFF – SAVE $21.54]

B. Drones:


Drones in different shapes and sizes (helicopter, quadcopter, etc), with or without cameras, are available in a wide price range. These droids can be controlled via an App on your smart phone. To learn more about these drones, read this article(link).

Buy: Drones Controlled by SmartPhones [Different Designs, Sizes, Colors, Prices]

Want to know more about other such mind blowing accessories? So…

Read more: Top 10 Mind Blowing accessories

III- Smart Home Accessories:

Worried about the safety of your house when you step out? You don’t need to invest in any expensive hi-tech innovations. You can keep an eye on your house through your smart phone.

A. Ring Wi-Fi Enables Door Bell:


This device has a night vision camera which gets activated when your door bell rings or when some motion is detected. When activated, live video is streamed to your smart phone, whether you are within the house or elsewhere. You can also speak to your visitors through this device. A good Wi-Fi connection is required and the device is charged via the in-built rechargeable battery or through the door bell wiring that already exists.

Buy: Video DoorBell [Different Colors]

B. Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone:


This weather proof device measures the air quality both indoor and outdoor, to monitor the environment around you. The tracked data is recorded online and can be accessed via your smart phone, tablet or computer. It also provides real time notifications along graphical representation of the historical data.

Buy: Weather Station By Netatmo
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IV- Smart Sport/ Fitness/ Activity Tracker Accessories

These help you keep a watch on your fitness level. You can track your health and performance even as you exercise.

A. Fitbit Wireless Activity Wristband:


This is a fitness tracker that can be worn on your wrist at all times. It tracks not only your heart rate, but also the number of calories burnt, distance covered, active minutes, steps, etc. This device can be synced to your smart phone and also serves as a silent alarm.

Buy: Best Wireless Activity Tracker [#1 Best Seller – 5 Colors]

B. Smart Body Fat Scale:


This new age weighing scale not only shows how much you weigh, but also tracks your BMI and other health metrics. It can track these metrics for 8 different individuals and has a large LCD screen to show the readings.

Buy: Best Smart Weight Body Fat Scale [40% OFF – SAVE $40.00]

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The iPhone 6 is a great technological innovation that is set to change your smart phone experience. These accessories help you enjoy your phone to the fullest and have an out of the world experience. If you don’t wish to be just another Apple customer and want to get the best out of your phone, the above mentioned accessories are just right for you.



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