Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Accessories Decoded For You – 23 pieces


Have you been looking forward to the prom night for an eternity? Do you have the prettiest dress to pair well with your shimmery wedge heels? When all is done and dusted, have you wondered how you or people around you will remember those near-perfect moments? Well, there is always your phone and a selfie-stick to take innumerable shots, but there is something about adding a retro look to photographs that will preserve memories and a whole lot more!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 has everything you need to make beautiful moments captured for posterity! With retro being the trending craze and churning out instant memories being the need of our social media feeds, how does one use this camera? The Instax uses the same technology as the Polaroid camera used decades back; looking into the eyepiece, capturing the subject and clicking. The white film that comes out from the top of the camera takes a couple of minutes to develop and a few more minutes to attain a complete form. You end up with a physical copy of the photo in minutes.

True to its USP, the camera itself is a retro chic accessory, coming as it does in colors like baby blue, pale yellow, baby pink, black and white. While offline stores can charge you around $100 for this camera, online stores like Amazon can offer you lucrative prices from $60- $80. If you click for pleasure, this is the camera for you. For children and young adults who find adjusting and changing settings on a high-end camera complicated, this will be an ideal pick. If you are interested in professional photography, this is not what you need. That being said why do you need accessories?

Accessories are like extensions that do the work of high-end camera settings, but are easy to use. Some simple hacks, a few pointers to the best accessories and you are good to go!

I- Important Instax Mini 8 Accessories

When was the last time you did not worry about carrying your precious camera to crowded places? Do you always have the same old frames that look boring and outdated? Do you detest camera bags because they are anything but trendy? Here’s your perfect solution because the Instax Mini 8 Accessories will brighten up your world with beautiful pictures, jazz up your albums with interesting frames, help you find new ways to take your pictures, and most importantly, keep your camera safe.

1- Paper: Fujifilminstax mini 8 film


Instax mini 8 cameras require Instax mini film and they generally come in handy packages. The best part about these films is they offer instant yet incredible pictures that can easily fit into your purses, wallets and tiny photo frames. These films ensure sharp images that are both stunning and natural.

A. Basic known as white Fujifilm Instax mini 8 film – cheap price

With a frame size of 86*54 mm, this film comes in four different pack sizes. One pack contains 10 sheets, twin pack contains 20, 5 packs contain 50 sheets and 10 packs contain 100 sheets. The shopping trick that you could apply here is to order more films so as to save more money.

Buy (Recommended): White paper film [42% OFF – Different sizes]

B. Colored Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 film – Rainbow- Disney

Apart from the fact that this film develops instantly, it has an incredible grain quality, ensures vibrant colors yet keeps the skin tones natural and does not make them look overemphasized. Moreover, this can be carried easily in your pockets owing to the credit-card size and this also jazzes up your photos with the brightly colored borders that it comes along with. Different themes like Disney Star Wars, Disney Alice in Wonderland, etc, are all part of this happy pack!

Buy: Colored Film [26% OFF – Diffrent sizes]

C. Good trick: FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 film stickers


If you are bored with cheap white stickers, it’s time you tried these out! With adorable and exciting colors and patterns, these stickers are bound to steal the show and for the money that you pay for it, makes it all the more irresistible.

Buy: 20 pcs different colourful stickers [Low Price]

2- Power: FujiFilm Instax mini 8 batteries and charger


Owing to the fact that Mini 8 would run well with two AA 4 batteries, it is a wise idea to invest in rechargeable batteries for this system. The best offer I found was on Amazon for an Energizer that costs around $13. This might sound a little expensive but not needing to buy batteries again to sustain your camera is a deal you can never let go! If you need long-lasting power, then this is your best bet. Getting your batteries charged in less than 4 hours and an auto safety shut-off feature that prevents the device from being overcharged, this is clearly an economical choice.

Buy: Energizer Charger + 4 AA batteries [Best Value]

3- Protection: FujiFilm Instax mini 8 camera case, bag, neck strap…

While carrying your beloved camera along, you would ideally look for something that keeps it safe. Travelling far and wide has its disadvantages too; while you lug your camera around, it could fall and break or be damaged beyond repair. Protective accessories are a must-have and listed below are some of the best that you could lay your hands on:

A. FujiFilm Instax mini 8 leather case


This leather case ensures that your camera is safe from scratches, dust particles and other potential damages that you could expose it to while travelling. The best feature is how you don’t need to take out the camera to click pictures. The camera strap makes it so convenient to travel that you would never want to leave it behind.

Buy: Leather Case [56% OFF – Multi Colors Available]

B. FujiFilm Instax mini 8 neck strap


The fact that this strap combines aesthetics and functionality to bring forth absolute convenience makes this a highly preferred accessory among users. Not only is it beautiful, but is also highly durable because of the high quality polyester that it is made of. The adjustable length, padding, and no-slip grip make it a winner.

Buy: Camera strap [Low Price]

C. Transparent Crystal Case


This case is a fantastic option to ensure your camera looks as good as new always! You can click photos without losing any effects or clarity, so carry your camera in style and see the world without worrying about its safety.

Buy: Crystal Case [Different Colors Available]

D. Instax mini 8 Camera Bag “carry more accessories with you”


With an unique design that gives you the scope to carry your camera as well as its accessories without any hassle with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, soft microfiber interior, and an elegant look that makes this a favourite.

Buy: CAIUL Zipper Bag [Best Value – 2 Colors Available]

II- Secondary Instax Mini 8 Accessories

Now that you have all your important accessories in place, what next?

Photobooks, frames, stickers and marker pens help to preserve moments in time and that is where secondary accessories come in to play.

1- Instax mini 8 lens “Lenses”:

Whether it is for extreme close-ups or changing the color of your films to cut down the monotony, Instax mini 8 lenses are the perfect add-on. Choose between the mini color lens and Mini 8 close-up macro lens (for selfies).

A. Fujifilminstax mini 8 color lens


Apt for changing photo colors effortlessly, these lenses are fashionable as well as practical if you are an Instax nini 8 user. Its excellent workmanship ensures its durability and is ideal for travelers, families and besties heading out for a weekend trip.

Buy: Color lens [Low Price – 4 Colors]

B. Instax mini 8 close-up macro lens for selfie


Close-up photography can be tricky, but if you know what you’re doing, this is an exciting way of taking pictures. This macro lens will allow you to focus on objects from as close 40-60cms, and before you know it, you will be addicted to close-ups! With a mirror attached with the lens, you can now take the perfect selfies, without wasting shots. This lens comes in different colors and designs to make your camera look even more funky.

If you are not used to close-up photography, you might end up with blurry pictures! Another drawback is the way it sticks to the front of your camera. I had tried to get it off, but you are better off not trying, because you just might end up snapping off the front of the camera’s lens. It is more an aesthetic enhancer and nothing else.

On having practiced some more with this accessory, I realized that this is merely a decorative addition to your camera and there is no real functionality. The pictures are not of high quality because they get blurry and the mirror intended to give you perfect selfies ends up looking cheap.

Moreover, if you have a camera case you will not be able to secure the camera properly in it along with this macro lens. It makes the camera look cute, but not much else. You either end up with a glare or a blur; none of which are welcome in good photography.

Buy: Selfie Lens [Low Price]

2- Fujifilm instax mini 8 photo album “known as Photobook”

How would you like to keep your memories? Would you like them scattered all over the place or organized in an album where they stay safe and continue to fill you up with positive vibes whenever you look at them? Anybody would choose the second option and the Photobook is just the solution for them! There are two versions of the Photo book:

    • Photo album “Plastic”

This adds to the appeal of your photos by making them look cuter and more organized in one album and the best part is that it will hold most of your photos without needing to buy another one.

Buy: 64 Pockets Photo Album [Low Price – #1 best Seller]

    • Photo book vintage

Going one step ahead of the plastic photo album, this can stand on its own and also offers a memo writing area to keep the important dates and events recorded in place. This is a perfect way to keep your memories organized on your desktop from where you can cherish them forever.

Buy: Vintage Book Photo Album [44% OFF]

3- Fujifilm instax mini 8 frames

These frames will prove to be beneficial in tricking your way into making the plain white frames look more beautiful and interesting. Add colors, fun, borders, designs and clips to create new trends that will be the talk of the town! Let us take a look at the designs and types available:

A. Hanging Film Frame


This comes along with one rope, 10 clips and 10 frame borders to display your pictures with ease. Your pictures can be hung up on the wall and could instantly transform the way your room looks.

Buy: Creative Hanging Film Frame [Low Price]

B. Colorful 3 inch frame


These colorful little frames have easels on their backs so that displaying your pictures is no longer a task. Simply slide your pictures into these durable and attractive frames and add to the décor of your rooms and occupy your side-tables beautifully.

Buy: Colorful 3 inch Frame [Low Price]

C. Film frame kit


What couldn’t you possibly do with 32 colorful and funky wall décor frames, multi-color wooden clips and 4 hemp ropes? Well, everything! Whether you need to organize your photos or customise them as per the décor of your living room and office, you can do all this and more with this all-in-one film frame kit.

Buy: Frame Kit [Big Save – Recommended]

4- Fujifilm instax Mini 8 camera skin “stickers”


Add more fun to your pictures by getting these skin stickers. Not only are these easy to apply but are also quite compatible with your camera.

Buy: Beautiful Mini 8 Skin [Low Price]

5- Marker Pen

You can choose your marker pens depending on the kind of color you want to use. While the Black marker pen can be purchased for $3, the colored ones are available from $4. The ones from Sharpie are highly recommended. While the black marker pens will give you thinner and detailed lines, the colored ones will give your photos an instant visual appeal with bold and vivid colors that last long.


6- Cleaning kit for photos without spots


A cleaning kit is a significant part of photography because it contains all those items that are required to keep your camera working in the best of conditions. It helps in keeping your camera and its lenses clean and enhances its durability. The Altura photo cleaning kit that is compatible with instax mini 8 will keep your camera safe from scratches, dust and dirt and working in the most optimal condition possible.

Buy: Pro Cleaning Kit [Best seller – 18% OFF]

III- All-in-One Buy: Accessories Kit for Instax Mini 8


As the name suggests, this kit consists of everything, from picture frames to photo albums and from film stickers to borders, making this your favorite compact travelling kit. For anyone who uses an Instax mini 8, this is a must-have accessory kit because instead of spending on a number of things, you can now have everything in one kit.

Buy: Best Accessories Kit for Mini 8 [Save Money & Time – #1 Best Seller]

VI – Bonus:

Get the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 Cool Tips and Tricks Ebook “10 ideas for creating stunning shocking photos using simple tips and tricks” and learn all the fun and new ways of successful photography with your brand new camera!


Have you searched high and low for Fujifilm Instax mini 8 films, cases, lenses, batteries, stickers and frames and are yet to understand which ones to choose? This eBook will help you make an informed choice. Share this article online if you find it useful, and follow us online to get the latest news and updates about your Instax mini 8.


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