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When you think of getting an iPhone 6 you also start looking for specific cases or covers that serve various purposes including looks and protection. With your iPhone 6, you want it to look better and perform its best. Normally, we don’t even want a scratch over the phone which is an irreplaceable part of our daily lives.

When it comes to iPhone 6, it is a good idea to invest in a good case. If you are still why you need a protective cover for your iPhone 6, consider these benefits:

  • Your phone becomes a part of you and during daily handling it might be prone to various damages. A simple scratch can ruin the entire appeal of your favorite device and make it useless. Hence a good iPhone 6 cover can give protection to your phone from spills, scratches, heat, dust.
  • When you carry around your phone, if should be in style. Your individuality is evident through the phone cover you hold and give a touch of style to your white, black or gray phone.
  • A sturdy case with associated features is more than just about looks. A heavy duty cover is essential if you carry around your phone for long.
  • iPhone cases are economical and offer way better protection than its price. Also, they can be replaced.
  • Cases are easy to install and can be done within minutes. This also allows you to change styles every now and then.
  • You could choose your material for your phone case. They are not just plastic, but you could also avail durable silicon, comfy gel cases, classic wooden cases or even leather cases.

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I- iPhone 6 Covers (Cases)

Here is a general review on some of the best iPhone 6 cases that suits anyone.

1. iPhone 6 battery case known as (Charging or Charger case)


If you are frequent traveller, gamer or an avid user of phone, you don’t have to run for charging ports every time your battery is running low. Charging cases can safely charge your phone using IC circuit in most secure manner with no overheating. This case comes with auxiliary extender and a micro USB cable for added convenience.

Buy: Battery case For iPhone 6 [#1 Best Seller – 66% OFF – SAVE $66.00]

2. IPhone 6 kickstand Case


While you need a stand to hold your phone in place, making it convenient to watch videos or pictures, you should check-out kickstand case. This is a slim case with military grade protection against drops. There is a built-in kick stand, front facing speaker and rounded sides offering extreme grip.

Buy: iPhone 6 kickstand case [Different Designs]

3. Multi Tool [Multifunctional] Case


Also referred to as Multifunctional case, they offer phone protection along with army knife, pen, scissors, screwdriver, nail file, bottle opener, lighter, tweezers or anything that you opt for. If you wish to have a mini convenience tool box in your pocket, get a multifunctional iPhone 6 skin.

Buy: Build-in Cigarette Case [65% OFF – SAVE $26.00] Or See Other Designs and Styles

4. iPhone 6 Holster Case


Holster cases are very convenient since they offer added protection and double up as safe holder of cards. It contains a clip that help attaching and a Velcro flap closure. These holders contain belt loop with which you can attach to your belt.

Buy: Holster Case For iPhone 6  [Different Designs]

5.  Waterproof case

If you need an expensive or cheap solution to protecting your iPhone, you have many options.

a). Cheap option – Universal case:

No matter if you tag along your phone to your water expeditions, swimming, fishing, boating, snorkeling or any other activities, relax. Your phone is protected with this iPhone 6 skin with clear Windows for capturing perfect photos and videos. They also provide protection from dust, snow and are easy to snap and lock in at a cheaper price.

Buy: Waterproof case [#1 Best Seller – 55% OFF – SAVE $11.00]
b). Expensive option – Waterproof case:

Though a bit more priced than its counterparts, these waterproof take protection to the next level. They are fully sealed and allow submersion over 6 feet without any damage along with built-in screen protector.

Buy: Waterproof case [Different Designs]

6. iPhone 6 Armband Case (for running & Sport workout Axercice)


Sport freak or just traveller, these armband cases offer protection and convenience. They are flexible and can stand any level of workouts or activities. Being lightweight, they offer adequate comfort during your adventures. Some of them even come with reflective strips for assisting in low light settings and built-in key holders.

Buy: Armband [Different Designs & Colors]

7. iPhone 6 Folio with Card Holder


Easy to install, these unique wallet cases with card holders makes an ideal carrier solution to everyone who end up searching for cards and phones in different places. They come with magnetic closures with rubber bumpers to prevent scratches from falls and easy access to all ports and screen without any hassle.

Buy: Folio Case [Different Designs] Or see This Cool Card Holder Stick

8. iPhone 6 Cases for Girls (Girly) and Women

Girls always deserve something special, even if it is an iPhone 6 cover. There are plenty of choices, especially in vibrant colors, with lots of glitter and sparkle.

a). Mirror case:


protects phone in style using hidden mirror wallet. The cover protection phone from scratches or other mishaps and you could also choose to have kickstand, card slots, etc.

Buy: Mirror Case [Different Models]

b). Wristlet (leather) Case:


is an easy-to-carry, stylish case for money, cards and phone slots with magnetic snap and wrist strap. Add your dash of color to this durable, safe and protective case to announce your style.

Buy: Wristlet Case [Different Designs & Colors]

c). Wallet Case For Woman


Luxury Wallet for women, comes in beautiful colors, durable, can carry the iphone 6, money, cards thanks to the multi-card slots.

Buy: Best Wallet for women [Low Price – 7 Colors Available]

d). Glitter case:


has glitter that might appeal to girls who doesn’t mind few eyes on them. Along with attraction, you get the benefit of extra protection, convenience and grip to your phone. These are lightweight and have ports and buttons for all phones features.

Buy: Luxary Glitter Case [Amazing Styles]

9. Leather Sleeve Case


Fitting anyone with an eye for elegance, these cases offer professional look with a touch of simplicity. They provide adequate padding to prevent phone damage from falls, scratches, dust etc.

Buy: Best Sleeve [55% OFF – SAVE $11.00]

10. iPhone 6 Clear (Transparent)


If you like the skin of your actual phone, you could use clear iPhone 6 skin to enhance the protective layer without adding bulk. These iPhone 6 covers offer tight protection for sides and convenience with perfectly cut-out ports.

Buy: Clear Case [Different Models]

11. iPhone 6 Flip Case


Yearning for a classic look for your phone along with an added comfortable protective cover? Flip cases are perfect leather cases that offer durability, protection, style and convenience with its thoughtful design and slim, neat profile.

Buy: Flip Case [Amazing Styles & Colors]

12. iPhone 6 Case with card holder


Whether it is formal or casual look, iPhone 6 covers with card holders offer best of both worlds. With its thin, lightweight structure, these cases are protective and stylish with touch of class.

Buy: Case With Card Slot [6 Colors Available]

13. Light-up case


If you need help with lighting selfies, makeup, video calls, etc, cases that light up without ruining your phone would be an added advantage. These cases have in-built batteries that light up the LED when required using simple on/off controls.

Buy: Light Up Case [Amazing Colors & Designs]

14. Non Metal covers

You need a highly durable structure that can withstand literally anything to protect your daily use devices. The nonmetal iPhone 6 covers can be classified as two.

a). iPhone 6 Bumper [Shock Absorbing] Cases:


are quite durable and can withstand toughest of bumps and falls. These cases can prevent fingerprints, scratches with a smooth surface that offer good shock protection with a fashionable look.

Buy: Best Bumper Case [53% – SAVE $9.43]

b). iPhone 6 Silicone (Gel or rubber) Case:


are safe covers offering higher level protection with lightweight structure on a stylish construction. They are highly convenient with all perfectly cut out ports and suits anyone who end up rough-handling phones.

Buy: Silicone Cases [Different Colors & Designs]

15. Metal covers

If you are not quite pleased with flexible materials, you could opt for metal covers that are quite sturdy and provide stylish, classy look. They are of four types.

a). iPhone 6 Metal Cases [Shockproof (rugged) tough defender]


offer double protection with its combination of aluminum and silicone structure and suits best if you rough-handle phone. It has glass screen that allows touch and protects phone from falls, water, pressure etc.

Buy: Metal Cases [Different Models]

b). Aluminum case:


has metal frame with glass screen offering protection from scratches, falls, water etc. to a great extent.

Buy: Aluminum case [Multiple Amazing Designs]

c). iPhone 6 Marble Case:


have 3-D marble texture printed on their back to give a stylish look with a tinge of shine. It has slim structure with silicone bumper and polycarbonate shell giving full fall and shock protection.

Buy: Marble Case [Lot of Colors]

d). iPhone 6 WOOD [Wooden] Case:


are made of high quality bamboo or wood with rubber/plastic combination. They are simple structures, but stylish and easy to handle with high class protection with ample convenience.

Buy: Wood Cases [Different Designs]

16. Thin (Ultra-thin) cases


If you are not a fan of bulky phone cases, you could opt for slim cases that don’t make it seem like your phone has a case. They offer navigation without restrictions and offer convenience with access to all ports. They are ultra-light, scratch resistant, stylish and secure masks that offer mild to medium protection.


II- Cool iPhone 6 Cases

If you are not satisfied with ordinary looks, you could make your style statement using one of these cool covers of various styles and colors. Make your choice and make your style statement.

1. 3D Cases (Pink Silicon Include):


They come in a variety of colors and designs with 3-D imprints and wordings to suit each ones style and character.

Buy: 3D Cases [Shocking Design & Colors]

2. Liquid cases (My favorite)


These are handmade cases that glow in the dark. They provide a unique feel which makes you stand out in the crowd especially if you are party lover. Proof your phone in style and make your style statement clear.

Buy: Liquid Cases [Amazing Designs]

3. Emoji cases


If you need a vivid and bright phone cover with emoticons on the back, you could get emoji covers, which are designed for 360-degre protection.

Buy: Emoji Cases

4. iPhone 6 Character cases [Harry Potter – Iron Man – Hello Kitty…Etc]:


Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you want a unique way of announcing your fandom? Then you need to get your hands on character phone cases that are funky and cater to your fan status.

Buy: Character Cases [Choose Your Favorite]

5. iPhone 6 Henna case


If you like unique henna designs over your phone cover, get one of these cases. They have a certain ethnic appeal. Even if that’s not the case, this simply serves a decorative purpose over protection to your iPhone.

Buy: Henna Cases [Multiple Designs]

6. iPhone 6 Skull case


Designed with skill and style, the skull cases are unique, bold cases that offer a vibrant choice of style and color to suit bold character.

Buy: Skull Cases [Different Designs]

7. iPhone 6 Flower/Animal case


Add protection in style using shock, weather and scratch-proof, unique cases made of hard plastic. These add beauty to girls/boys phone with colorful flowers or animal prints. Collect few of these affordable covers to suit each day’s moods and style.


8. iPhone 6 Quote case


If you need a high-quality case with quotes that tell everyone what you want to tell the world, look for quote cases. They come in various styles and carry messages/thoughts.

Buy: Quote Cases [Multiple choices]

9. iPhone 6 Galaxy case


Combined with harder outer and softer inner layer, Galaxy iPhone 6 cases provide looks and protection. Invest in a galaxy case if you are an avid fan of space and show some style.

Buy: Galaxy Case [Discover the Universe]

10. iPhone 6 Rose Gold [Or Gold] Case


An elegant phone deserves an elegant case. Why not check for a rose gold case that offer 360o protection with precise cuts offering full access to all ports and buttons, these cases enhance the look of your phone.

Buy: Rose Gold Case

11. iPhone 6 24k [Real] gold housing [case]


Apple technology is worth being protected with gold. And no one does it better than Rinbers. These are premium quality gold cases with multilayer protection against falls, scratches, weather, bumps, dust etc. This is an investment with protection that adds value to your phone.

Buy: Real Gold iPhone 6 Case [Different Designs]

III- Summary: Best iPhone 6 cases for 2016

All iPhone 6 cases stand apart with regard to style, protection, convenience, comfort and handling. Below are the best iPhone 6 cases for the year 2016.

1. All In One Iphone 6 Case (Recommended)


This case is made by Dreem, where the quality is guarantee, it is a kind of wallet folio case made by durable premium vegan leather, it contain 2 kickstands, a gift box, and card slots, easy open clasp.

Buy: Pro Folio Wallet case by Dreem [4.5 Stars – 40% OFF – SAVE $20.00 – 6 Colors]

2. iPhone 6 Otterbox Case [The Toughest Defender Ever]


When it comes to protecting technology in a case, no one can guarantee better than Otterbox. The company has taken mobile casing to another level with premium quality materials, giving all-round protection, with unmatchable customer care and warranties. Otterbox has come up with two successful ranges:

a). Defender series:


Consists of three-layer protection with built-in screen guard that can protect phone from scratches, dust, falls, bumps, etc, at a highly affordable price. The external covers can absorb impact while foam interior cradles the phone. This series comes with belt holster to enhance comfort while transportation.

Buy: Defender Case by OtterBox [4.5 Stars – 11 Colors]

b). Commuter series:


Comes with thin, lightweight two-layer protection that protects against dust, bumps, scratches and shock with self-adhesive screen guard. Commuter series are high quality cases that undergo tough tests before it reaches customer, all at an affordable price.

Buy: Commuter Case by OtterBox [11 Colors Available]

3. iPhone 6 Lifeproof Case


You require a Lifeproof case if you an adrenaline junkie and love to push yourself to extremes. Along with a built-in screen protector, these covers offer complete water, drop, bumps, snow, shock and scratch protection with virtually no limits, in a slim, lightweight and sleek design.

Buy: LifeProof Case [8 Colors]

4. Tech 21 iPhone 6 case


If you need extreme protection for your priceless phone, checkout these technologically advanced iPhone 6 cases. They offer all-round protection using flexible materials and give stylish look with a vibrant choice of colors.

Buy: Tech21 Case [4.5 Stars – Only 7 Left in Stock]

5. iPhone Speck case (Recommended)

Speck is a renowned manufacturer of premium quality, award winning protective cases and is leading manufacturer of phone cases that makes an impression. They offer some of the most beautiful, stylish, sleek, and elegant purpose-fitting designs into mobile case sector. Their three major product lines include:

a). CandyShell Inked Case:


Give two layer protection that protects against drops and scratches combined with screen guard.

Buy: Inked Case by Speck [33% OFF – SAVE $13.29 – 21 Colors & Design]

b). CandyShell Protective case:


Is a single piece, two layered structure that undergoes military grade drop tests. The design cushions phone inside and guard sides with raised bezel.

Buy: Protective case by Speck [Come in 8 Colors]

c). CandyShell Grip Case:


Is ideal if you multitask including one or two handed texting, gaming, shooting etc. The rubber stripes offer anti-slip gripping that can go a long way in keeping your phone safe from accidental slips and falls.

Buy: Grip Case By Speack [40% OFF – SAVE $13.90]

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