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Secondary Inground & Above ground pool accessories [Floats,Toys, Games, Party…]


Welcome to the last part (part 4) of Pool accessories, where we reveal an all-new, exciting world of secondary swimming pool accessories which elevate your swimming experience from drudgery to a fun filled one. Though they are not necessary, they are fun to have. Let us take a quick look at them.

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I- Poolside Portable SPA (Hot Tub)


A poolside portable spa, also known as a hot tub, is a huge tub filled with hot water. These tubs are used for relaxation and for hydrotherapy. Rigorous swimming leads to sore muscles which can be massaged with the help of hot jets in the hot tub. If your regular pool doesn’t have an in-built spa, it would be a great idea buy a portable spa like the Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. This one is an inflatable hot tub with a rapid heating and massage system with an aluminum foil coating to keep the water extra warm.

Buy: Coleman Lay-Z Spa [Recommended – 12% OFF – 4.5 Stars]

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II- Poolside (or Home) Sauna


A sauna is a small room or place used for taking hot-air or steam bath. Benefits of Sauna are many, including muscle relaxation, pain relief and skin cleansing. There are mainly two types of home sauna:

  1. Traditional sauna
  2. Far- infrared sauna

Buy Now:

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III- Swimming pool BBQ & Grill


Having a BBQ & grill near the pool, makes it easy and hassle-free to entertain guests and family at a pool party. There are different types of outdoor grills like the Charcoal, Gas, Electric, Dual Fuel and Wood Pallet Grill costing anywhere in the range between fifty to several thousand dollars.

Buy Now (Recommended): Best outdoor portable Grill by Coleman [4.5 Stars – Low Price – compact storage and easy transport]

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IV- Swimming Pool Crafts (rafts) and Floats


Inflatable floats help the swimmers to float and relax while in water. There are also various pool crafts which are very attractive and interesting and available aplenty in stores and online.

1. Pool Floats for adults (inflatable floats)


Floats are buoyant when inflated and help relaxing in a pool. There are pool floats which have been specially designed for adults. The different types of adult floats are- Classic. Side-by side, Family and Fun Pool Floats. On an average, an adult pool float measures around 63’’ x 33.5’’ and costs anywhere between $6.91 – $89.19. They are known to be very durable and definitely worth buying.

Buy: Shocking New Floats for adults [Diffrent style, sizes and colors]
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2. Pool Noodles


Water noodles are long, supple foam cylinders which are used as personal floats. Mostly used by beginners, Pool noodles can be either held vertically or can be held under the armpits or waist to help one float. They mainly are of two types- hollow inflatable and solid foam noodles. The average size being around 72 inches, they come in various colors.

Buy: 5pcs Noodles [Different colors – 51% OFF]

3. Baby Swimming Pool Floats


These are buoyant, inflatable floats especially designed for babies. They come in various shapes, sizes and attractive designs and can be chosen according to the baby’s age, tastes and swimming proficiency.

Buy: Floats for Kids “baby’s” [Wonderful designs and colors]
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V- Pool Fun

1. Swimming Pool toys for adult and kids

There is a plethora of pool toys for adults and kids to entertain them in water. Here we take a quick look at the different types of toys

A. Pool Scooter


A pool scooter, like the Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter Pool or Lake, New go Pro Mount, is a propulsion vehicle for children above 8 years and adults. With floating chassis, protective grilles and auto shut-off function, it can gain a maximum speed of 2mph with a maximum depth rating of 15.5 feet. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

Buy: Doo Scooter For Pool or Lake [4.5 Stars – Durable – 9% OFF]

B. Floating (inflatable) island known as Relaxing station

swimming pool Floating-inflatable-island-Relaxing station

They are large inflatable floating platforms which can accommodate 4-6 people. They come in various types and designs- with some of them having built-in coolers or contoured sofa -like seats. They come in different sizes with an average size of 14 x10 feet.

Buy (i recommend Intex as Brand): Inflatable Islands [Different types, and sizes]

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C. Water wheel (waterwheel)


These are inflatable roller floats, in the shape of a big wheel (about 52” outer diameter), which can be attractive to kids as they are colorful. They are fun to use floats made of good quality PVC material and are safe to use for kids, with adult supervision.

Buy: Greenco Water wheel [Colorful – 52″ – Low Price]

E. Dive (diving) Toys


Kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to these diving toys. To name just a few- there are light-up diving sticks, diving fish, aquatic dive balls, diving toy rings and of course the pool dive cartoon character toys.

Buy: Large Selection of Diving toys [Different types, designs, colors]

F. Water Guns


There are different types of water guns, mostly varying in their shapes, colors and sizes. The ones worth mentioning are the tube blasters which are a favorite with kids.

Buy: Water guns [Different style,designs and colors] (For Adults, i Recommend “SUPERSOAKER” as a Brand)

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I. Swimming goggles & Swim caps


The most important things to keep in mind while buying swimming goggles, are that they are- water- and leak-proof, anti-fog and provide UV protection. And of course they need to fit well. Similarly swimming caps need to be chosen according to the length of hair and needs to be well -fitted.

Buy: Best Googles By AEGEND [4.5 Stars – 41% OFF – Comfortable]

Buy: Best Swim Cap [Low Price – Great Quality – Colors, + nose clips & tiered ear plugs] Even your ears can fit in without having to feel to tight around your ears.

J. Ball Pit Balls


Pit balls are colorful crush -proof balls made of good quality plastic (around 2.3” in diameter). It would be a great idea to fill the kids’ pools with these and watch them have fun.

Buy: Pit Balls [#1 Best Selller – 19% OFF – 6 colors – 200 Plastic ball]

K. Water Bouncer Ball


Bouncer balls are high quality thermoplastic rubber balls, measuring 1” x3”. The unique feature that sets them apart from other pool balls is that they bounce in water. These are recommended for slightly bigger kids aged more than 6 years.

Buy: Water bouncer [Low Price – Lot of Fun]

L. Latex water balloons (500- pack)


These are biodegradable latex balloons which include hose nozzle with shutoff. These are safe and can be great for fun balloon fights.

Buy: 500-pack of Water Ballon [Very Low Price] and You can fill 100 Ballon with watter in 60 sec usign Buncho Ballons $11 Only

M. Pool treasure hunt


Pool treasure hunt is a new and innovative pool game, like the Mellissa & Doug Sunny Patch Undersea Treasure Hunt. It is an exciting sinker game with six treasure-chest-shaped sinkers and floating treasure chests, in sturdy plastic construction with fade-resistant colors.

Buy: Undersea Treasure Hunt [14% OFF], add some adventure to your pool.

2. Swimming pool Games

A. Swimming Pool Basketball hoop


These are high quality, durable, Poolside adjustable portable basketball systems where the base can be filled with water or sand for stability.

Buy: Pool Side Basketball [44 Inch – Solid & Steady]

B. Pool inflatable shoot ball for kids


These are big shoot ball inflatable pool toys, measuring 45”x 36”, with multi ports for multiple shooters.

Buy: Giant Inflatable Shootball [38% OFF + 1 Ball]

Water basketball:

Water-basketball Water Basketball is a ball that is supplied with basketball units. Manufactured by Dunn-Rite, it costs around $15.

Buy: Water Ball[Only 1 Left in Stock] (Not the best ball, but it’s good for some months of summer).

C. Swimming pool volleyball net


These are volleyball nets which can be easily, assembled and installed over a pool. The size can be adjusted as required.

Buy: Pool Volleyball Kit by Dunn Rite (Very Recommended) [FREE Shipping]

Water volleyball:

Water-volleyballWater Volleyball is standard size volleyball, in hot pink color, to be used with the pool volleyball set.

Buy: Water Volleyball [Low Price]

D. Inflatable pool pong game


In this game, there is an inflatable, floating Beer Pong table, with around 10 cup Beer Pongs on each side. The table, generally, is 6-feet long and includes features like- Pool Pong, Social Floating and Floating Lounge.

Buy: Inflatable Beer pong [4.5 Stars – Low Price]
Beer pong balls pack:
The Beer Pong Balls, 144 pack, 38mm, are made of high quality celluloid and come in the perfect size with enough bounce.

Buy: Beer Pong Balls 144 pack [61% OFF – 5 Stars]

E. Floating pool golf game


SwimWays Pro Chip Spring Golf is a portable floating pool golf game, which includes- a 60”x 44” floating green, 12 practice balls, a chipping mat, a moveable 18th hole flag and a carry tote. It is easy to use.

Buy: Floating Golf by SwimWays [Low Price – Lot of Fun]

F. Inflatable game station


It has an inflatable table with waterproof playing cards, two inflatable sling seats with drink holders and bungee ball ties to connect the table and chairs.

Buy: Station with Waterproof Playing cards [4.5 Stars – Lot of Fun]

I. Swimming pool ring toss




There are various types of ring toss games for kids in fun shapes and sizes ranging from giant to normal.

Buy: Pool Ring Toss [Different Colors Available]

J. Watermelon Ball


Watermelon ball-The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game, involves a ball which looks and floats like a watermelon and can be dribbled and passed under water.

Buy: Watermelon Ball [4.5 Stars – Low price – Lot of Fun]

K. Floating chess Game board


Swimline Floating Multi-Game Gameboard is a magnetic, floating game board on which- Chess, Checkers and Backgammon can be played.

Buy: Floating Gameboard [54% OFF – Low Price]

L. Tiki Toss Hook and Ring game

It is a family game for all aHook-and-Ring-Gameges which can be addictive and meditative at the same time. An easy game to learn which is difficult to master.

Buy: Hook & Ring Game [12% OFF – Low Price – Different designs]

VI- Swimming Pool Party Supplies

1. Waterproof Wireless speaker


These speakers make it possible to have great music right in the middle of water and are great party equipment on floating islands.

Buy: The best Waterproof Wire Speaker OontZ [#1 Best Seller – 72% OFF mean you SAVE $70.00]
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2. Waterproof Video Camera


Fun moments are meant to be captured- anytime, anywhere and waterproof video cameras are meant to do that.

Buy: Best Waterproof camera by Powerlead [4.5 Stars – Very Low Price – Well Made], & if you buy a waterproof camera, don’t forget to buy a Camera Float Strap [Low Price + 56% OFF]

Note: You can Turn your Phone to a waterproof camera, read: Phone accessories(link)
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3. Pool party decorations


What’s a party without decoration? It is no different for pool parties. There are plenty of inflatable decoration items to add to the excitement.

4. Poolside’s Mats


These are mats which protect your skin from injury, and swim suit from wearing out, while sitting on poolside.

Buy: Pool Mat [Low Price – 26% OFF]

5. Best Floating (floating) cooler


Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler can be used as a floating base for a cooler up to 48 quarts and includes- 1 removable ice chest, 3 air chambers, 6 built-in cup holders and 4 durable handles.

Buy(recommended): Intex Chill 2 [Low Price – Durable]

6. Inflatable buffet Floating Bar



They are large, rectangular, light weight, portable, inflatable and floating bar counters made of PVC.

Buy: Inflatable Serving Bar [#1 Best Seller – Low Price]

7. Floating drink (cup) holder


They are used as holders to keep the drinks afloat and stable, while in water. There are different types of floating cup holders available in various attractive colors, styles and designs.

Buy: Inflatable Drink holder [Different Designs and Colors – Low Price]

8. Best mesh food cover


Mesh food covers prevent insect intrusion. The pop up types also help in keeping cakes and jellies from losing their shape by keeping them straight. They are available in various sizes and designs.

Buy: Food Covers by HG [Set of 3 – Low Price]

9. Fake poop for Pranksters and pool parties


Here’s something for pranksters- fake poop with realistic texture!

Buy: Fake Poop lol [Lot Of Fun]

So, if you have a swimming pool, or are looking to get one at home, then think about accessorizing it right! Especially, if you want to spend time in it!

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