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Xbox One Controllers & Accessories – Gear Up For an Incredible Gaming Experience


If you are still trying to figure out what the XboxOne is, this article is just for you. Gaming gains a whole new dimension when you use compatible accessories with your system that will change the way you play your game.

The Xbox One is the successor to the Xbox 360. Labeled as an “all-in-one entertainment system”, this console uses cloud computing. The console has been widely hailed for its controller design, amazing multimedia features, friendly UI and the kickass addition of voice navigation.Clearly, this console is the next step in gaming.
If you want an out-of-the-world experience, and for your console to run at its best, you need to invest in the right accessories Everything from game storage, to online multi-player games to game streaming to safety and protection are covered by the right accessories.

I- Essential Xbox one Accessories

Here’s what you absolutely need to have before beginning your journey with your new console:

  1. Xbox One Controllers

Obviously, you can’t play a game without a controller. Your controller is the one that ensures your commands are followed. Other than the basic handheld controller, there are plenty of others that have been customized for certain games. There are seven types of controllers.

Cat 1: Controller for all games

Whetheryou are using your PC emulators to play the classic console games or the old multiplayer console games, the latest controller for this console has become standardized to meet the demands of all these and more. You will no longer need to worry about passing your games for Windows certification. There are two types in this category:

    A. (Cheap price) Xbox one wired controller


While wireless controllers can help you play games only on your console, the wired controller has a mini USB cable that you can use to connect the controller to your PC. This feature means you can plug in your controller to any compatible device, not just your own! Its D-pad has been redesigned to offer you accuracy, precision and better responsiveness. The triggers have new vibration motors that introduce unmatched realism to your world of gaming. The listed price is around $60 but there are discounts available online.


  • The wired controller helps provide a powered connection so that you will not need to change batteries nor charge the console.
  • The thumbsticks have been redesigned to offer better grip and access.
  • Mini USB cable allows you to play on the PC as well.
  • You can use this as both wired and wireless.


  • The games cannot be played from a distance.
  • The bumpers of this controller are not as responsive as they were in the 360.

Buy: Wired Controller by Xbox [#1 Best Seller] “Works with Windows PC”.

    B.  Xbox one wireless controller


Ever wondered what it would be like to play your favourite games without having to plug into a port every single time? This controller is your answer. The wireless controller’s Impulse Triggers offer you a whole other level of gaming and the vibration feedback adds to the entire experience. The 3.5 mm stereo headset jack that comes along with this controller lets you plug in your favorite headset while gaming. The price range of this controller is around $55-$60.


  • Any compatible headset can be plugged in with the help of the 3.5 mm headset jack.
  • You can play from a distance.
  • The impulse triggers add realism to the gaming.
  • A wide range of hand sizes can now play with the redesigned grips and contours.


  • You need batteries to run this controller.
  • The analog sticks could be a bit difficult to maneuver.

Buy(Recommended): Xbox One Wireless Controller By Microsoft [9% OFF]

Note: Find more information on “controllers for all games” below.

Cat 2: Controllers for racing and open world games

Racing wheels and their accessories have never been cheap but the amount of fun that you can have with these is amazing. Whether you are sliding sideways around sharp curves, or shooting through the street, racing wheels give you an unprecedented adrenaline rush! The dual motor force feedback mechanism can simulates the real road feel and the shifting of weight while being almost noiseless due to the quiet helical gear system. The six speed shifter with push-down reverse gear enables to pick the right gear around every corner. The paddle shifters allow lightning fast shifting. The indicator LEDs are integrated with the gaming console in such a way that it indicates when the “driver” needs to shift gears. The precision of throttle, braking and shifting control add to the realism.
The best wheels are from ‘Thrustmaster’ and ‘Logitech’. These are priced at anywhere between $90 and $470 based on the material and quality. These controllers also come in two types:

    A. Xbox one steering wheel without pedals (low cost)


This detachable GT style wheel that has been made with hand-stitched leather and works with all other Thrustmaster T-series racing wheels, will offer an unmatched authentic experience if you are the user. Switching from one wheel to another is now a breeze with this detachable wheel.

Buy: Best Wheel by ThrustMaster [4.5 Stars – 12% OFF]

    B. Xbox one steering “Racing” wheel with clutch and pedals (little expensive)


This premium racing wheel is being touted as the next generation racing simulator. It offers the ultimate advantages in racing comfort. The responsiveness is brilliant and the force effects are realistic. To take your gaming precision a couple of steps ahead, this racing wheel also has a contactless magnetic sensor that will stand the test of time. The space setting and angle setting of the pedals can be adjusted, the accelerator pedal has height adjustment features, and you can also select the mode of progressive braking resistance. If you want only the best then the $470 you spend will be worth every penny.

Buy: Premium Wheel [Durable – Leather – Pedals]

If you are passionate about racing wheels and feel that you could do with a few more modifications to your already enviable console, then you could consider the following accessories too:

      a). Pedals:


The Thrustmaster Pedal Add-on Set that is compatible with your present console can be used in both floor-mounted as well as suspended positions. Its 100% metal construction 100% adjustability makes it highly preferred among users. It has two different BrakeMods for the brake pedal and is removable.

Buy: Pro Pedal [Realistic Metal Pedals]

      b). Glitch:


The ThrustmasterGerabox Shifter adds authenticity to your driving experience. Its detachable knob makes it feel like real time gear-shifting. The absence of a tact switch and potentiometer helps the product last long.

Buy: Pro Shifter [100% Metal]

      c). Wheel Stand:


The Logitech racing steering wheelstand allows for comfortable gaming, what with the rock solid metal frame, strong construction and the offer of never having to think about the stand while you are busy playing!

Buy: Pro Wheel Stand [Different Designs]

      d). Chair:


Always wanted to be in the cockpit of a real racing car? The OpenWheeler racing wheelstand cockpit simulates exactly that and more. The comfortable seating, breathable fabric, completely adjustable settings and lightweight make this your one-stop solution to stability issues.

Buy: Pro 5 Stars Chair [Different Colors – Pro realistic design]

Cat 3: Controllers for Music games

    A. Learn Playing guitar with Rocksmith Xbox one 2014 Edition (simulator + guitar)


With redesigned menus and user-friendly interfaces, learning guitar just got easier! Learnwith feedback, find new songs with a hits list and learn them by following a stepwise tutorial. The convenient usage, more approachable memory the Rocksmith clearly rocks.

Buy(Recommended): Rocksmith Edition [4.5 Stars – Max Fun]

    B. Controllers for playing “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band” Games

A music rhythm video game, the Guitar Hero features a guitar-shaped controller that allows you to simulate rock music. This is something that music enthusiasts all over the world would look forward to, especially if you are a beginner because learning to play the guitar is now super easy!
Rock band is also a series of music video games that allows four players to simulate popular rock bands with the help of controllers. From lead guitar to bass tosynth as well as drums, the scoring is based on the player’s ability to match up to the musical notes while playing these instruments.

      a). Cheap price – Guitar Hero Guitar Xbox one


Guitar Hero Live lets you experience the adrenaline rush of performing in front of a crowd. It’s time to stop being a bathroom singer and bring out your true talent by owning the stage and watching the crowd loveyour performance in real time. Being compatible with all skill levels, this game play mode with a redesigned guitar controller lets you experience performances in the comfort of a small club as well as in the midst of a roaring street festival.

Buy: GuiTar Hero Live Edition [Only 3 Left in Stock]

      b). Pro guitar – Rock Band Guitar Xbox one

Pro-Guitar-Rock Band-Guitar-Xbox-One

Did you dream of becoming a rockstar and then life happened? Live out your dreams with the Rock Band 4 wireless guitar bundle that will let you perform fearlessly to a screaming crowd. What’s more, you can download more than 1500 songs from the Rock Band music store. The Freestyle Guitar solos mode allows you to perform your solo guitar numbers in your own style. The multiplayer experience means you can grab a few friends and perform as a band. The difficulty levels can be adjusted as per your choice and you can choose to drop in or out of the multiplayer mode as and when desired.

Buy: Rock Band Wireless Guitar [Only 7 Left in stock]

    C. Rock Band Drum Xbox One


This all-in-one kit adds the fun elements of free style guitar solos, Drum fills, free style vocals that help to add a personalized touch to your performances. This bundle includes Rock Band 4 standard edition, Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Wireless Drum Kit and a stage grade USB microphone.

Buy: Rock Band Bundle [All in One]

    D. Rock Band Controller Adapter


With this controller adapter, you can now play Rock Band 4 with your pre-existing wireless guitar and drum rollers from Xbox 360.

Buy: Rock Band Adapter [Low Price]

    E. Microphone “Mic” for Xbox One

Microphone-“Mic”-Fo- Xbox-One

This Microphone is compatible with all USB devices and can be effectively used for recording, amplifying and playing games.

Buy: Afficial Mic [Low Price]

Cat 4: Controllers for Dancing and Fitness Games


The Dance Dance Revolution Foam Deluxe Dance Pad for this console has been designed to last long. You can now transition from one step to another without sliding off the dance pad. The raised and reinforced buttons on the dance pad ensure that you are aware of your positioning on it. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this dance pad will match up to your abilities in no time!

Buy: Dance Revolution [Support Different Consoles]

    Pro Way: Xbox One Kinect CAMERA


Using your own voice to get things done has never been easier. You can now command your TV and console with your voice with the Kinect Sensor You can now be identified instantly, sign-in to call out for your favorite apps, games, recording game clips, all with your voice. You get all these incredible features plus the ablity of capturing your mouvement for $100. (Kinect Accessories are listed Bellow).

Buy: Kinect Sensor by Microsoft [Must Have Accessories]

Cat 5: Xbox One Arcade Controller (known as Fighting Stick or fightstick)


While an Arcade game is a coin-operated video game, a fighting game is the type in which the player controls a character on-screen to be in close combat with an opponent.
The Hori Real Arcade Pro Hyabusa features original Hyabusa sticks and Kuro buttons that have been designed to provide quick response in gaming. Having been used in Japanese arcades, their reliability, durability and excellent responsiveness makes them for ideal for the arcade experience while gaming.

Buy(Recommended): Pro Fighting Stick [Only 13 Left, Hurry Up]

Cat 6: Xbox one universal Media Remote


This universal media remote will ensure that you do not need to constantly resort to the console controller. You can get access to your favorite media requirements with the OneGuide Button feature. Video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on your console will be way easier to do with this remote. Also, it has motion-activated backlit buttons for better responsiveness.

Buy: Media Remote By Microsoft [Must Have Accessory]

2. Energy for Xbox One [Power cord – battery – charger]

    A. Energy for the console (Xbox One power supply cord)

Xbox One-Power-Supply-Cord

It is the original power supply source for your console. It hardly makes a sound and works efficiently to power up your console in no time. It is available for $60 in physical stores but there are better deals online.

Buy: Power Supply by Microsoft [25% OFF – SAVE $12.78]

    B. Energy For Wireless Controller

You need an energy source for your wireless controller because obviously you would not want to stop mid-way and wait for the controller to be charged. There are two solutions to this and the pros and cons are listed below:

      a). Controllers with AA batteries


While replacing batteries in your console, always use AA batteries with an LR6 designation. Read the instruction manual carefully and install the positive and negative ends accordingly. Using disposable batteries is generally recommended.

          i). Solution 1: AA battery pack

AA alkaline batteries come in different packs for 8-20-36-48. They have been reconstituted with anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition that are meant to enhance their durability.


  • They offer reliable performance
  • Their durability is enhanced with anti-corrosion components
  • Compatible with a number of devices.


  • Once drained, they cannot be recharged.

Instruction: Since these batteries cannot be recharged, the most economical solution would be to get bigger packs of 36 or 48 so that you can change the batteries as and when needed and can also save on a lot of money.

Buy: Best AA Batteries Pack [5 Stars – Low Price]

          ii). Solution 2 : Rechargeable AA batteries

The Amazon basics Pre-charged Rechargeable batteries last for a really long time, hold permanent capacity after a full charging session, can stay charged for months and even years and will indicate that they are fully charged with an indicative light.


  • Can stay charged for a long time.
  • Will hold permanent capacity charge.
  • Can perform exceedingly well even in low temperatures.


  • May not charge fully to 100%

Instruction: It is recommended that you don’t use low mAh batteries that lose charge if you don’t use them and don’t even charge to a full 100%.

Buy: Best AA Rechargeable Batteries [5 Stars – Low Price]

Or, Read: Top 7 Rechargeable Batteries.

          AA Rechargeable battery charger

To get your rechargeable batteries going for long, use the AA battery charger from EBL that not only keeps your products safe but also indicates that charging is complete.

Buy: Best Rechargeable Battery Charger [64% OFF – SAVE $14.00]

Or Read: Top 7 AA, AAA Battery Charger

      b). Controller with Xbox Batteries

While you can use regular AA batteries for your gaming console, it is not recommended to use regular rechargeable batteries. To get the most optimal results, the Xbox one play and charge kit should be used.

          i). Solution 1: Xbox One Play and /Charge (charger cable) kit

This kit comes along with a set of batteries and a long cable that charges your controller while you are playing. This is a good idea but you could eventually harm your devices if you continue to charge them while playing games.


  • You can bid goodbye to disposable batteries.
  • The rechargeable batteries get fully charged in about 4 hours.
  • Gives up to 30 hours of battery life after a single charge.
  • It is a low cost solution.


  • Devices have been seen to show problems.
  • The batteries don’t charge fully.
  • They don’t hold charge for a long time..

Instruction: It is an economical choice but problems like incomplete charging. the batteries draining early, etc, could harm your device. This is not a good long-term solution.

Buy: Play & Charge kit By Microsoft [11% OFF – SAVE $2.78]

          ii). Solution 2: Xbox one charging station “base”

This charging station base allows you to charge without removing batteries. You can get both the controllers charged at the same time with the help of the dual port recharging dock. Provides fast and effective recharging and its LED lights indicate when charge is done.


  • Charge without removing batteries.
  • Both controllers can be charged at the same time.


  • You might have to stop playing in between to charge if you do not have two controllers.

Shop Now: 3 Best Charging station For Xbox One

    i). BEST Xbox one Charging station: Energizer 2X Charging System

This is a conductive charger for your console that has a power adaptor to enable fast and effective charging. It has indicator lights to tell you if it is charged or not to keep your battery in the best condition. The batteries that contains are 2700 mah.

Buy(Recommended): Energizer [4.5 Stars – Durable] 

    ii). BEST PLUG AND CHARGE: Energizer Smart Charger

If you have always wanted long gaming sessions with your friends on the weekends, this smart charger will help you realize your dream. It comes with 2 recharge battery packs (1400 mah each one) and can charge two controllers at the same time.

Buy: Smart Charger [25% OFF – SAVE $10.00]

    iii). BEST DESIGN: Nyko Modular Power Station

Its unique design is not all that you should look at. This power station charges two rechargeable batteries with the help of USB so there are ideally no cords or wires attached to the sides or wall of the console (Comes with 2 Batteries of 1000 mah).

Buy: Nyko Power Station [Durable – 8% OFF]

    iv). Single Charging stand: Power A

Have you wondered how it would feel to be able to display your controller while it gets charged? This charging stand enables you to do that. It not only eliminates the need to buy and install batteries but also keeps your devices looking stylish with its latest snap down charging design.

Buy: Single Charging & Stand Station [10% – beautiful Design]

3. Protection for Xbox one

A. Xbox one vertical stand


This vertical stand keeps your Xbox tightly secured in a vertical position. You can play using your console as long as you want to without worrying about overheating it because the stand has a cooling grid design meant to manage the temperatures. However, it is not recommended to keep your console in a vertical position if not for emergency save spacing needs.

Buy: V Stand [15% OFF – Low Price]

B. Xbox one (slim) intercooler [overheating]


This intercooler can help keep your console in the perfect temperature by automatically turning on as soon as the console is switched on. It doesn’t need a USB port or an AC adaptor. It can easily be clipped on.

Buy: Slim Intercooler [4.5 Stars]

C.Xbox one Transport Carryingbag/case


Carry your gaming console in style wherever you are travelling and keep it well protected with the foam padding and the built-in straps that will not let your console move while on the go. There are different storage units like separate slots, pockets, pouches, etc, to keep all your accessories safe. This multi-function carrying case is your one-stop solution to storage issues.

Buy: Pro Carrying Case [12% OFF – 4.5 Stars]

D. Xbox one skins (known as covers & faceplates)


You need to buy covers and faceplates for your console primarily to keep it free from scratches, dust and dirt. There are a number of options to choose from. Vinyl skin decals are mostly recommended for your console.

Buy: Xbox One Skins [Different Designs]

E. Xbox one Controllers shell housing faceplate


These are mostly used to enhance the aesthetics of your console. This will not protect your console and you will still need to buy covers, cases and stands but this will surely give your console a much-needed facelift!

Buy: Controllers Faceplate [Different Designs & Colors]

II- Secondary Accessories For Xbox One

Gaming is not restricted to the need for primary accessories alone. With the increasing allure of audio and more space, the secondary accessories for your console are gradually coming under the spotlight. Keeping these accessories handy makes your gaming more realistic with unmatched sound quality and unrestricted memory space.

1. More Memory Space

When it comes to gaming, there is no such thing as too much memory. Be it more downloads or storing more multimedia, you need extra space constantly. Here are a few options:

A. Xbox one Internal HDD hard driver


If you have been running out of space on your hard drive then this is the thing for you! With high speed SATA hard drive interface, you can now add 2.5 inches internal hard drive. This hard drive is enclosed in a bay inside the hub so there are no hassles of wires and cords.

Buy (Recommended): HDD Enclosure [4.5 Stars]

B. Xbox one external HDD hard drive


The 2TB space in this hard drive can store up to 50 games. It has a plug and play setup that will get the device ready to go in seconds. It doesn’t have a power cable and is probably the perfect size for your living room and is portable.

Buy (Recommended): 2TB External HDD [4.5 Stars – Durable]

2. Sound: Xbox one Headset & headphones

It is very important to have headphones on while playing because they let you concentrate. They are not only essential while you are playing alone but also when you have friends over or are doing it online. There are different solutions to take care of this necessity:

A. Chat Headset


Chat headset allows you to keep out external sounds and concentrate on the job at hand. It is very important to maintain a peaceful environment around you when you are chatting online and privacy is important.

The chat headset compatible with XboxOne by Microsoft allows you that much-needed privacy while you are chatting with friends and the digital audio is crystal clear. The mute and volume controls are at your fingertips and the microphone has adjustable boom for added efficacy.

Buy: Chat Headset [Only 13 Left]

B. Xbox one Headsets [headphones]

These headsets will literally place you in the game and surround you with rich and low-frequency sound quality that you have always wanted. There are a number of options to choose from but the two best are listed below:

i). Xbox One Stereo Headset [By Microsoft]


This offers you the best quality audio experience for both games as well as chat audio. Game and audio chat can be adjusted to your preference. This also offers an audio spectrum of 20HZ-20 KHZ for deep bass for crystal clear high frequencies.  It is easy to set up and can be worn for long.

Buy: Headset By Microsoft [Good Quality]

ii). Best Xbox one headset: Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach headsets offer premium quality audio to make for a high definition gaming experience. Their revolutionary cutting edge technologies ensure that you are way ahead. They primarily offer two solutions:

a). Wired turtle beach:

Whether you are gaming or calling or listening to music, this Ear Force Headset Audio Controller will amaze you. Its Superman Hearing mode, its precision, its adjustability and selectable game presets are just a few of the cool features.

Buy: Pro Gaming Headset [19% OFF – $29.96 – 4.5 Stars]

b). Wireless turtle beach [Listed as Best Xbox one wireless headset]

This headset comes with the amazing benefits like high quality game and chat audio, rechargeable battery that can run for 15 hours of wireless gaming, Mic monitoring, audio presets, and a lot more.

Buy: Pro Wire Headset [20% OFF – SAVE $29.96]

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3. Elgato game capture HD for Xbox one [HD60]

Elgato-Game-Capture-HD-For Xbox-One

Recording and sharing your game play with friends for posterity is now easy. You can capture hours of your best moments and access them directly on your PC. You can also add your voice in the built-in live commentary section.

Buy: Elgato HD game Capture for Pros [#1 best Sellet – 5 Stars ]

4. Online Cards

A. Xbox live Gold subscription [membership] card


Get 12 or 3 month “Gold Membership” by buying this physical card from Microsoft, and unlock an unlimited virtual world, where you can play togather with friends in Premium gaming, & receive cool discounts (up to 50%-70%) on games in the Xbox Store, and lot of More.

Buy: Live Gold Member Ship [15% OFF]

B. Xbox one gift card


This Little magically cards, are the best gift to yourself, or an addictive games player, because with it you unlock the access to the latest games, movies, TV shows, apps, and more, you can also use it as credit card alternative, and it works on both Xbox and Windows ; it comes in diffrent amounts, start from $10 to $100.

Buy: Xbox One Gift Card [The Best Gift Ever FOr Xbox Owners]

5. Xbox one cables [Cords]

A. Xbox one HDMI cable


If you want to get rid of blinking and bad connection for your console, an HDMI cable is your best choice.

Buy: Best HDMI Cable [#1 Best Seller – Durable]

B. Xbox one ir extender blaster cable


If your components and devices are in cabinets, the extended blaster cables come in handy and simulates the kinect in terms of sending IR signals.

Buy: Ir Extender Cable

C. Xbox one 3.5mm Headset Adapter


Don’t mix up games and chats anymore. Earphones converter adapters help you to have an online conversation while gaming. It is quite easy to plug and play.

Buy: Earphone Converter Adapter

6. Xbox one controller accessories

A. Xbox one keyboard chatpad [keypad]

Xbox One-Keyboard-Chatpad-[Keypad]

Composing messages, chatting with your best buddies, entering codes and searching for apps will be as easy as buying this kit that includes a chat pad and chat headset. The audio controls are at your fingertips and there are new buttons that will give you access to your favorite features.

Buy: ChatPad By Microsoft [+ Headset]

B. Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter


You will no longer need to look for one particular headset for experiencing the game’s audio. All you need to do is to find your favorite compatible headset and plug in!

Buy: Headset Adapter By Microsoft

C. Xbox one controller stand


A controller with a secret compartment and one-handed navigation?This is it!

Buy: Controller Stand [50% OFF – Low Price]

D. Xbox one wireless controller adapter for windows


This wireless adaptor can be used to play your wireless controller on your PCs, laptops and tablets. What is more amazing is how it supports up to 8 wireless controllers, 4 chat headsets and 2 stereo headsets. Simply binding the adaptor to your wireless controller will do the job!

Buy: Windows Wire Adapter

E. Xbox one controller parts (buttons)


Your console’s controller parts will need technical assistance to set them up but once done, they will give your console a fresh new look while functioning as well as the original buttons.

Buy: Controllers Buttons [Low Price]

F. Xbox one controller grips


If you find gripping on to your controller is difficult, it’s time to get yourself controller grips. They will improve the grip comfort, are durable, will prevent your fingers from slipping and are quite affordable. They also enhance the feel and sensitivity of the game.

Buy: Controller Grip [17% OFF – Low Price]

I. Xbox one thumb Grips (Anti Slip)

Xbox-One-Thumb-Grips-(Anti Slip)

Did you lose your last game because you were sweaty and your aim wasn’t perfect? Get the thumb grips for your controller and never miss a shot again! With improved accuracy and a comfortable grip, these are a must-have in your kitty.

Buy: Anti Slip Grips [Low Price – Important]

J. FPS Freek Vortex


Never ever fail at accurate shots again with the new FPS Freek Vortex that will catapult you to new heights. By merely adding this grip to your movement stick you can now get improved precision and accuracy like never before.

Buy: Freek Vortex

K. Xbox one Controller Silicone Skin [Antislip]


Silicon skins fit ergonomically on your controller and make them slip resistant especially when the gameplay gets fierce. These help you to maintain the grip and hold on to your controller all the time.

Buy (Recommended): Controller Skin Set [4.5 Stars]

L. Xbox one Controllers Skin [stickers]


High-resolution graphics on your controller can only mean good news for you! With a high gloss finish and protection from fading, peeling, and scratching, this will keep good for at least four years!

Buy: Controller Stickers [Low Price]

M. Xbox one replacement battery pack


This original pack of batteries can act as your battery backup if yours die in the midst of a game. They are rechargeable batteries and get completely charged in 4 hours.

Note: This is the Only Deal that can make you get an Original Xbox One battery.

Buy: Play & Charge Kit [Cable + Battery] Or See this Certified Refurbished Batteries by Microsoft.

N. Xbox one controller battery cover


Battery back cover doors are to be used if you have happened to lose or break your old battery cover. They are compact and lightweight as well.

Buy: Cover Door for Controller

O. Xbox one joystick replacement


With this device, you can now replace or change broken controller joystick.

Buy: Replacement Joystick 

P. Torx T8 Security Screw Tool


Even a beginner would need a good controller opening kit and a screwdriver set. Prevent damaging your controller and keep your fingers safe with this kit that is meant to last for years owing to its strong make.

Buy (Recommended): Opening Kit [Low Price – 14% OFF]

7. Cool new design controllers for Xbox one

Not everyone loves a plain black controller. For those who like the uniqueness of things and tend to stand out as far as their choices go the all new limited and special edition controllers with upgraded features will buy them an edge over others.

A. Xbox one Pro controllers:

a). Xbox one Limited edition controllers


This limited edition controller (Price Range $80 to $160) leads you like example to the depths of the Halo universe with its metallic blue accents and its laser-etched design.

Note: This are the Official limited edition by Microsoft (Halo 5call of duty – Titanfall… Etc ).

Buy: Limited Edition Controller [Different limited Designs]

b). Xbox One Special Edition Controllers


The special edition controllers (Price range $50 to $80) will allow you to feel every jolt and crash owing to its impulse triggers. They also have redesigned thumbsticks that offer far greater precision and also fit into your hands quite comfortably.

Note: This are the Official limited edition by Microsoft (Armed Forces – call of duty – Midnight Force – Dusk Shadow).

Buy: Special Edition Controllers [Different Designs & Colors]

c). Best PRO Xbox One wireless controller: Elite


The Elite wireless controller comes with 4 paddles, 6 thumbsticks, 2 D-pads, a USB cable and AA batteries. The hair trigger locks ensure that you can fire faster and the rubberized diamond grips give you better control.

Buy: Elite Controller [Go Pro Now With This Controller]

d). Xbox one Lunar White controller


This is a special edition controller giving you the same benefits of Impulse Trigger, better precision and improved responsiveness.

Buy: Lunar White Controller [Only 8 Left in Stock]

B. Third party Xbox one controller

a). Modded “Custom” Xbox one controller

Modded-“Custom” Xbox-One-Controller

Modded controller makes your characters more invincible while you spend hours playing the game.

Buy: Custom Controller [Different Designs]

b). Xbox one afterglow controller


Whether you want a rainbow glow or your favorite color cycle or prefer no lights at all, this afterglow controller can enliven your gaming experience with its full range of LED colors. You also have the option of customizing 6 different actions while playing the game.

Buy: Afterglow Controller [24% OFF * SAVE $12.03]

c). HORI HORIPAD Controller


This controller has impulse triggers and IR sensor to allow kinect compatibility.


  • Does not need to be charged
  • Impulse triggers brings realism
  • High in quality and durable


  • The joystick could be a little too sensitive.

Buy: Hori Controller [Only 6 Left in stock]

8. Xbox one Kinect Accessories

A. Xbox one kinect TV Mount (Stand)


This is a sturdy and supportive piece that will easily let you connect your Kinect to your television. It won’t act like other TV mounts.

Buy: Best Kinect TV Mount [Great Quality – 10% OFF]

B. Kinect Adapter for Windows


With gesture recognition in place, make experiences more real and personal with this Kinect adapter. There is a hi-res camera, wider field of view and better noise isolation.

Buy: Kinect Adapter for windows

C. Cleaning kit for kinect sensor


This photo cleaning kit consists of carefully selected tools to keep your camera free from scratches, streaks and marks and is safe to be used on all surfaces.

Buy: Pro Cleaning Kit [18% OFF]

9. Xbox one smart glass remote APP

Whether you are on the go or in the living room, the smartglass remote will allow you to connect and control your console easily. From browsing the web on your TV , Smartphone or Tabletto enhancing performance to tracking your achievements and more, there is very little that you cannot do with this remote.

10. Replacement Xbox one disc drive


Need to replace your disc drive? This disc drive replacement from TekBotic will guarantee you the best in class replacement with a professional installation.

Buy: Replacement Driver

11. Bonus

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