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Essential In-Ground Swimming Pool Accessories [Cleaning, Chemicals, Fourniture…]

Essential-In-ground Swimming-Pool-Accessories

Essential Swimming Pool Accessories – 32 Hours of research

There are tons of Swimming pools accessories, we collected them, then split them into two articles, this one that covers the essential Accessories for inground pool as (Cleaning and maintenance tools, chemicals tools, safety and security equipments, plus Pool side furnitures), While the Second article cover Secondary swimming pool accessories for max fun as (Floats, Water Toys and Games, party…etc)

Previously in Part 1: We covered In Ground Swimming Pool Parts as pumps, filters, heaters and so much, please take a look to this valuable article.

List of Essential Swimming Pool Accessories


I. Pool Cleaning& Maintenance: Opening A Swimming Pool For Summer

Come summer it is time to reopen the closed pool so that you can enjoy the sun and water, get a tan and a workout at the same time. But when you open your pool, you’re greeted with green slime, dirt, and strong smelling filthy water. So how do you get your pool summer ready? Here is a list of few equipment and chemicals that you will need.

1. Pool Cleaning Equipment’s


There are a number of equipments that can make it easier for you to get pool ready in no time.

A. Swimming Pool Skimmer Net


The first thing you notice when you open your pool after a long time or even when you visit it after a weeklong vacation is, leaves. Depending on the location of your pool (under the trees or on barren land) you will require a heavy duty skimmer net or a light weight skimmer net. Here is what you should know before you purchase one:

  • Lightweight strong frame made by good material (good metal = aluminum); pool is full of water and chemical, so if you don’t want to buy new skimmer each year, you should invest in good materials.
  • Deep, Durable, Abrasion Resistant, Double-Stitched Nylon Pool Bag (wet leafs are heavy)
  • Thigh connection with the pole, for making cleaning process smooth and easy.
i. Pro (& Best) Heavy Duty Skimmer Net


This 23 inch swimming pool net is made of a strong aluminum frame which won’t bend, twist or break due to the weight of the leaves and dirt collected. It also has a winged handle that aids stability. The bag is double stitched nylon and is abrasion resistant. The rim is made of professional plastic, which is safe for all types of pools. The easy glide scoop front enables you to collect leaves not only from the top and sides of the pool but from the bottom too. It is long lasting and made of supreme quality to make pool cleaning easier than before.

Buy: Pro Skimmer Net for Pool [5 Stars – 24% OFF – SAVE $20.00]

ii. Best Skimmer For Less Leaf (Cheap price)


This strong and structurally molded leaf rake is fitted with a deep fine mesh bag that can take in both leaves and other debris. It can be fitted with most telescopic vacuum poles and disconnected very easily. The edges are curved, ensuring the skimmer does not cause any damages to the pool walls.

Buy: Cheap Skimmer net [Low Price – 40% OFF – SAVE $8.00]

B. Pro (Best) Swimming Pool Pole That Last For Long Time


This pole is1.24 mm thick and can be paired with J ED 40-386 JED 40-365 JED 70-272 and Our JED 70-262. It is made of two pieces and can be securely extended up to 15.5 inches. Anytime you buy such a pole, you need to keep the length and depth of your pool in mind. If your pool is deep, you need such an extendable pole to help you clean effortlessly.

Buy: Pool Pole [4.5 Stars – High Quality]

C. Swimming Pool Wall, Floor & Corner Brush


Pools need more cleaning than just skimming the leaves and dirt off the surface. The floor and walls need to be cleaned too and you need a variety of brushes for each part of the pool.

i. Wall & Floor Brush

The sweep ease SS/Poly blend brush is made of high quality materials and has a patented shape that uses the water to push the brush on the floor and to the wall with 5-10 pounds of pressure but slides back quite easily. Use this brush continuously and watch the algae and calcium stains disappear from your pool surfaces.

Buy: Pool Brush for wall & flor [4.5 Stars – 9% OFF – Durable]

ii. Algae Brush

The 10 inch aluminum black algae brush is perfect to clean algae stains off granite pools with hard surfaces. It can be fitted with any standard 1.25 inches pole and has stainless steel bristles. The die-cast aluminum handle and back along with the bumper protects the pool walls from damages caused while cleaning.

Buy: Pool Alga Brush [4.5 Stars – Low Price – Durable]

iii. Corner Brush

The Stanely 20800 corner brush is perfect to clean those hard to reach corners in your pool. The bristles are stiff and help to get rid of tough stains without requiring you to put much strain while cleaning. It is sold separately and can be fitted with standard pool poles.

Buy: Corner Brush For Pools [Low Price]

D. Pool Pumice Stone


Do you come across hard water stains on your pool walls and other surfaces? None of the solutions or brushes can remove them? Try pumice stone which can help you get rid of hard water, mildew and mineral stains from your tiles and concrete surfaces. Ensure not to use it on your vinyl liners or porcelain surfaces in your pools.

Buy: Pumice Stone [Low Price]

E. Swimming Pool Vacuum

Vacuums for swimming pools, like any other vacuums, come in a variety of specifications and models. They can help you not only clean the dust on the top of the pool surface but also get rid of the debris at the bottom of your pool. You can opt for a manual or an automatic vacuum based on your requirement.
To know more about your vacuum options read this in depth article on vacuums (manual & automatic cleaner).

Quick Shopping:

  i. Best Manual Vacuum

       1. Pro Solution (Last For Years)

The Pentair R201276 214 Pro Vac Series has a unique suction chamber that helps it to concentrate the vacuum velocity equally. The commercial model is equipped with a 1-1.5 inch vac hose.  The vacuum velocity can be adjusted as per your need.

Buy: Pro Manual Vac Head  [4.5 Stars – Durable]

       2. Cheap Solution (But Still Good)

This is a cheaper option but is as good as it gets. It is perfect for plastic or concrete floors. It can be connected to a 1.5 inch vacuum hose and the handles are chrome plated and easily manoeuvrable.

Buy: Vacuum head [Low Price]

  ii. Best Automatic Vacuum:


The Baracuda G3 W03000 cleans not only the pool floors but also the walls. The flowkeeper automatically adjusts the control valve to keep the water flow at the required level. It has a scrub disk that makes scrubbing the floor very easy. The customers are very happy with this cleaner as it is heavy and a durable cleaner.

Buy(Recommended): Pro Auto Vacuum head [4.5 Stars – Free Shipping – High Quality]

  iii. Best Robotic Pool Cleaner:



The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner can clean your pool floor, walls and even cove. It is not heavy, easy to use and is recommended for in-ground residential pools up to 50 ft in length – all this at an affordable price.

Buy: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner [#1 Best Seller – 4.5 Stars]

Pool Vacuum Accessories

  i. Pool Vacuum Hose


A pool vacuum hose has to be not only strong but also resistant to chemicals and UV rays. The hose should facilitate increased water flow and should not crush easily.

Buy: Durable Vacuum Hose

  ii. Vacuum Hose Reel


when you have a long hose, how do you store it without causing any damage? You may have to roll it up manually every time after use. But if you have a hose reel, the hose can be easily reeled in and stored. It makes it more portable too.

Buy: Pool Vacuum Hose Storage [4.5 Stars – Stay Organized]

  iii. Pool Pole And Hose Hangers


Now that you have a pool pole and hose to help you keep your pool clean, get a suitable hanger so that your equipment is stored properly and doesn’t occupy much space.

Buy: Pole Hanger Set [4.5 Stars – Durable – Low Price]

  iv. Vacuum Canister (Leaf Catcher)


Always choose a canister that is big enough to hold all the debris you clean from your pool. The canister should be designed in such a way that the water can pass through the collected debris.

Buy(Recommended): Leaf Canister [4.5 Stars – 16% OFF – SAVE $12.32]

2. Pool Chemicals


A swimming pool doesn’t contain just water, there are a number of chemicals that need to be mixed in the right quantity to ensure that the water is hygienic and safe for usage. The various chemicals that need to be balanced in a pool are Chlorine, Alkaline and Cyanuric acid. There are strips available in the market, which will give you an accurate reading of the corresponding chemicals when dipped in the water.

  i. Accurate reading – Swimming pool water test kit:


This is the only kit that can measure free chlorine accurately, even at high levels and it contains a FAS-DSP test which tests free chlorine.

Buy(Recommended): The Best Test Kit [#1 Best Seller – FREE Shipping]

  ii. Quick reading – Water Test Strips (Test PH of your Pool):


These test strips can be used for general maintenance of the pool but are not effective to clean green pools or even newly opened pools.

Buy(Recommended): Water Test Strips [4.5 Stars – FREE Shipping]

  iii. pool shock (kill algae)


Shock treatments for swimming pools are easily available in the market. All you have to do is mix the required number of packets with the water based on the amount of algae and your pool is cleaned. For every 10,000 gallons of water you need the following number of packets:

  • Less algae = 1
  • Dark algae = 3
  • Black algae = 4

Note: Buy more packets, save money and always have shock in hand.

Buy(Recommended): Shock Treatment [4.5 Stars – Low Price]

iv. Pool concentrated clarifier


These clarifiers come in easy to use cans and help in filtering by gathering all the small debri together and catching them.

Note: Buy More Packs For Save Some $, and always have Clarifier in stock.

Buy(Recommended): Pool Clarifier [4.5 Stars – Low Price]

v. Pool Oil-Absorbing Sponge


These sponges come in a pack of two and help in absorbing oil, grime and slime off the pool floors.

Buy(Recommended): Oil-Absorbing Sponge [#1 Best Seller – Low price]

Read more: Detailed article about pool chemicals.

II- Pool Security And Maintenance


No swimming pool is free of children and when it involves children, safety is a absolute necessity.

1. In ground swimming Pool covers

Water evaporates when heated. During the hot days, a swimming pool loses 1/3 – 2/3rd of its water.

A. Solar pool cover


This sheet helps in heating your pool by allowing the sun rays to pass through, without resulting in vaporization. Sheets’ dimensions vary based on the brand, hence it is always better to measure your pool and then buy a sheet accordingly.

Buy: Solar Blanket [41% OFF – SAVE $78.70 – Different Sizes]

B. Solar pool cover reel (manual & automatic)


These come in both automatic and manual. Though the automatic is more convenient as you have to just hit a button, it is pricier than the manual reel which has handles placed on both sides to aid smooth reeling.


Manual: In-ground Solar cover reel [Different sizes]

Automatic: Auto Solar Cover Reel [FREE SHIPPING]

C. Winter & pool covers (Works as safety cover also)


Always go in for the top quality. Though it will be expensive, it is a one-time investment that not only lasts a long time but will also help you cut down on cleaning expenses. There are cheaper options but customer feedback indicates they don’t last very long.


Pro Solution(Recommended): Winter & Safety Pool Cover [5 Stars – last for Ever]

Cheap Solution: Winter Cover [Different Sizes]

D. Pool winter pump cover



These pumps are automatic and all you have to do is switch them on and leave them in your pool. They will automatically switch on or off depending on the quantity of water detected.

Buy(Recommended): Water removal pump for pool cover [Durable]

Or, Read More: Top 5 Pool Cover pump.

E. Pool leaf (net) cover (for pools under trees)


The fine mesh traps leaves and even small debris, thereby keeping your pool clean and saving you additional cleaning costs.

Buy: Lead Net Pool Cover [4.5 Stars – Different Sizes]

F. Pool Sun Shelter


These shades are easy to install and helps in reducing the temperature of the water under the shade.

Buy: Sun Shelter For Pool & Outdoor [4.5 Stars – Blocks 92% Of UV]

I. Pool adjustable Pump (equipment) covers


When you invest in a motor, you need to protect it. Use a Blue Devil motor cover which helps shield the motor from sun, rain and dust, thus protecting the pump. It can be adjusted to fit most motor.

Buy: Pump Adjusable Cover [4 Stars – Low Price]

J. Smart outdoor security camera


Keep an eye on your pool staying indoors. With the help of this HD camera, you can get live streaming or watch recorded footage in great clarity. The cameras are activated by motion and have night vision, so that you don’t miss anything.

Buy(Recommended): WIRE HD With Night Vision Security Camera [20% OFF – SAVE $40.00]

K. Swimming Pool alarms:

i- Best Pool water safety alarm (for in ground pools)

Install the Poolguard PGRM-2 and be notified anytime there is any movement in the pool. Once installed, it cannot be deactivated, thus ensuring it cannot be tampered with. When you want to swim, just remove it and put it on sleep mode.

Buy: Pool water Alarm [6% OFF – SAVE $9.50]

ii- Best Pool door (Gate) alarm for child safety

Always keep the gate to the pool latched with the world’s most trusted safety latch – Magnalatch. It uses magnet and thus self latches everytime. This reduces the risk of your child wandering off to the pool area, unattended.

Buy(Recommended): Pool gate safety latch [#1 Best Seller – 5 Stars]

L. In ground swimming pool safety fence:


You can install this pool fence by yourself and maintain safety at all times.  The fence can be removed and reinserted as and when you want.

Buy(Recommended): Pool Fence [5 Stars – Durable]

M. Pool rules & sign – Shark Pee

Ensure the kids don’t pee in the pool by installing one of these smart signs. Pool Rules: Let everyone know the rules apply to all with one of these signs.

Buy: Sharks In The Pool [Stop PEE – Low Price] or Pool Rules [#1 Best Seller – Low Price]

N. Pool foam ring

Keeping a ring at hand can always come handy when you want to save a drowning person. They can be thrown into the water to rescue the victim safely.

Buy: Foam Ring for Pool [4.5 Stars – Low Price]

O. Water Skin or slip-on water shoes

Water covered surfaces are always slippery. Wear these shoes and prevent yourself and your family from slipping. Varieties available are:

  • Slip-on for kids and toddlers:

Buy(Recommended): Slip-On Sneakers [4.5 Stars – Durable – Low Price – Different Colors & Sizes]

  • Skin or sandal for cleaning routine:

Buy(Recommended): Skin Shoes [Low price – Durable – Colors & Sizes Available] OR Sandal [Low Price]

  • Water resistant walking shoes to ensure safety when you are moving around the pool area:

Buy(very recommended): Walking Water Shoes [50% OFF – Colors & Sizes Available]

P. Pool frog (animals) escape – SAVE THE FROG

Use one of these to save the frog that accidentally fell into the pool, not only will you save a frog, but will keep the pool cleaner.

Buy(Recommended): Animal escape [4.5 Stars – Low price]

III- Pool Side Furniture


The area around swimming pools are a great way to use your decorating skills. Pick the right furniture to give your pool a laid back look, but without compromising on elegance.

1. In ground swimming Pool diving board with stand


Diving is fun, especially when you have company. Use this S.R. Smith 68-209-58662 Frontier II Jump White Stand with 6-Foot Frontier II Diving Board to have fun diving and you can easily store it away when not in use. The board is strong and powder coated to last long.

Buy: Best Diving Board By S.R. Smith [5 Stars – FREE Shipping]

2. In ground swimming pool slides


Swimming has never been more fun until these pool slides. Once installed, it can take both a kid’s as well as an adult’s weight. These come in various sizes and shapes. While the cyclone is the regular slide, the helix is the curvy slide. The price varies according to the models.

Buy: Best Pool Slide by S.R. Smith [5 Stars – Durable – 2 design & 2 colors]

3. in ground pool stairs (Ladder)


Get a sturdy well moulded stairs to ensure safety while getting in and out of the pool. They are made of good quality material and are easy to install.

Buy: In-ground Pool Stairs [4.5 Stars – FREE Shipping – Durable]

4. Pool handrails


Get high quality, corrosion free handrails made out of stainless steel to facilitate safety while climbing in or out of the pool.

Buy: Handrail for In ground Pools [40% OFF – SAVE %63.84 – Durable]

5. Outdoor Solar Pool Shower


Have a warm shower before and after a swim. Use the sun’s rays rather than wasting electricity. The solar showers are easy to install and come with a standalone base, which enables you to place them where ever you like.

Buy: Poolside Solar Shower [Two Design]

6. Pool Towels


Everyone needs a towel the minute they get out of the pool. Invest in the thicker terry cloth towels as the last longer and help absorb more water.

Buy: Best Pool Towel [25% OFF – $15.00]

A. Poolside towel rack


Get one of these towel racks, to stack up your towels nicely. The stand alone racks have a large base to balance all the weight, thus requiring a large amount of space.

Buy: Pool Towel Rack [Diffrent Designs]

B. Towel clips (holder)


Use bright coloured durable clips to hold your towels in place by the pool. When you are travelling, just toss one of these clips’ in your bag. You can hang the towels out to dry anywhere anytime.

Buy: Towel Clips [4.5 Stars – Low Price]

7. Poolside Lounge chairs (loungers for Pools)


Get a few lounge chairs and relax by the pool as you read your book or watch your friends and family have fun. Always buy chairs that are sturdy, made of good quality wood that won’t ruin because of water and will last long. Pool side chairs can be further classified as follows:

A. Lounge chairs (can go flat)


These chairs can go flat all the way or can be propped up to give support to your back. They are made of durable material that can withstand water.

Buy: 2 Pack lounge Chair [25% OFF – SAVE $71.08 – Durable]

B. Recliners chairs (can’t go flat)


Though more comfortable, they cannot be reclined all the way back. However they offer good back support and can be easily set up and removed.

Buy(Recommended): Recliners chairs [#1 Best Seller – Different Colors]

C. Poolside Sofa Set


Get a full sofa set to accommodate more people. Make this your extra seating where you can come out and enjoy the view.

Buy: Poolside Sofa Furniture Set [4.5 Stars – Strong Steel Frame]

D. Poolside Lounge chairs for Kids & toddler


Get these lounge chairs with canopies to keep yourself and your kids safe from sun. They are also weather resistant and durable.

Buy: Chaise and Umbrella Set [33% OFF – SAVE $67.62 – 4.5 Stars]

E. Pool inside water Seat


Why should seating always be outside the pool? Get these inside seats and enjoy your book or drink while you continue soaking in the water. They have enough in built weight to ensure they don’t float away.

Buy: Pool Seat [5 Stars – FREE Shipping]

8. Poolside tables

Now that you have the perfect chairs for your pool area, let’s get the perfect tables to go along with them.

A. Patio outdoor table


Made out of steel, this patio furniture is long lasting and very comfortable to sit in due to their high backs. It also comes with an umbrella.

Buy: Outdoor Set with Table, 4 chairs, Umbrella By Mosaic [4.5 Stars – FREE Shipping]

B. Pool Cooler Table


Invest in this smart creation and enjoy cold drinks while sitting at your table. You can store anything you want cold, when you get out of the water.

Buy: Cooler & cocktail Table [#1 Best Seller – 5% OFF]

C. Table with Fire Pit


Now you can have a fire on a cold night, right at your table. It comes with a stainless steel burner and a hidden control panel for easy ignition.

Buy: Poolside FirePlace [4.5 Stars]

9. Swimming Pool Umbrellas

Protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. Just open up an umbrella, sit and relax. The two types of umbrellas are:

A. The crank open umbrella:


Like a regular umbrella has to be cranked open when need to be used.

Buy(Recommended): Poolside Umbrella [Durable – Different Colors]

B. The hanging umbrella:


Doesn’t occupy much space and can provide shelter for a large group of people.

Buy(Recommended): Hanging Umbrella For Pool & Patio [54% OFF – SAVE $140.00]

C. Floating Umbrella and Buoy


Now you can sit at the table and stay away from the sun, while in water.

Buy(recommended): Floating Umbrella [3 Colors Available]

D. Pool umbrella stand:


The base is made of cast iron, thus offering good support. Just insert an umbrella and stay away from the sun.

Buy: Umbrella Stand [4.5 Stars – Durable]

E. Umbrella sleeve (Pole holder):


Insert these umbrella holders in your deck area and use an umbrella as and when needed by inserting it into one these holders.

Buy: Umbrella Pole Holder [Low price]

F. Umbrella Pool Light:


Get super bright light along with your umbrella. Now you can even sit and read late on a rainy day.

Buy: Pole Light [#1 Best Seller – 40% OFF – SAVE $12.00]

I. Umbrella Cones:


Use these cones to avoid unnecessary rattling of the umbrella.

Buy: Umbrella Cone [4.5 Stars – Huge Value]

J. Outside umbrella covers:


These covers fit any standard patio umbrella. Use them and prevent your umbrellas from wearing out in the sun.

Buy: Umbrella Cover [4.5 Stars – Durable – 3 years warranty]

10. Pool organizer and storage:

Keep all your swimming pool accessories well organized with one of these organizers.

A. Outdoor Deck boxes:


These deck boxes are designed to store cushions and other furniture. It measures 50″ w X 25.5″ d X 25.5″ h and has a 99 gallon storage capacity.

Buy(Recommended): Deck Box [#1 Best Seller – 2 Sizes]

B. Poolside Noodles, floats and raft organizer:


Store all the pool floats and other such accessories in a neat pile. Just dump them in and they will stay put and dry.

Buy: Pool Floats Storage [Different Designs, Sizes, Colors]

IV. Swimming Pool Lights:

Lights are essential to swim safely at nights and when the weather is bad. The different types are:

1. Poolside string light:


Use these dainty lights at night to give your pool area a festive yet delicate look.  These lights can warm up the area. Each string consists of 25 lights.

Buy(Very Recommended): Waterproof String Lights [#1 Best Seller – 4.5 Stars – Low Price]

Read: Top 10 Outdoor String Light.

2. Rope light:


Light up your pool area with this strip of LED lights. They are made of high quality material and come in a number of colors.

Buy: Waterproof Color Changing LED [48% OFF – SAVE $24.00 – 4.5 Stars]

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Secondary Pool Accessories [Top Floats, Games and toys…Etc]; Get the summer that you will never forget.


Swimming pool is more than just water and bathing suits. Get the right accessories to not only keep your pool clean but to also make it look fun and inviting.

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