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Necessary In-Ground Swimming Pool Parts & supplies [Skimmer, Pumps, Filters…]

Essential Swimming pools Parts

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Would you call yourself a water baby or better off on firm ground? Do you love the look of the ocean or do you prefer to swim at sea and discover the wonders of aquatic life? The only way to bring the wonders of water to your home is with your own in-ground swimming pool where you can take a dip any time. Host pool side parties if you would like to or just swim until your arms ache. Before talking about Swimming Pool Accessories, we must talk about the essential parts for an in-ground pool that ensure the excellent and effective Work for your pool during pool season.

Here are a number of Essential Parts that help you keep your in-ground pool in top shape.

I- Essential inground Swimming Pool Parts


A swimming pool is more than just the concrete base and water that meets the eye. There is a whole pool system which is responsible for circulating the water in the pool. The water in the pool is removed with the help of a skimmer, which then filters the debris on the water in to a basket.  The filtered water is heated, cleaned, chlorinated and pumped back into the swimming pool via the inlets. These parts are essential to keep the swimming pool clean always. Without these, the pool cannot function or be maintained properly.

1. Swimming Pool Skimmer (All About Skimmers)

In the entire water circulation system, the skimmer comes first. As the name suggests, it skims the dirt off the water. It is located closest to the pool and draws water from the swimming pool and the surface particles and debris are trapped in the filter which is later cleaned out. The skimmers are usually fixed on the surface level of the water, so that it can skim the water and can also be accessed easily to clean out the filter. The pump is connected to the skimmer and when the pump is turned on, it creates suction and all the debris is filtered out as the water is sucked through the skimmer.

A. Types Of Pool Skimmers

There are different types of pool skimmers to suit different needs. They are:

i. Automatic In Ground Concrete Pool Skimmer



As the name suggests, It has large debris basket and different plumbing connections, an optional value, and an automatic by pass for low water conditions; It can be easily attached to the filter pump for automatic skimming. This skimmer is made up of durable polypropylene plastic, which is not affected by the chemicals used in the pool.

Buy: Auto In ground Skimmer [#1 Best Seller – Low Price]

ii. Best Pool Skimmer (SkimDoctor 1.0)


The SkimDoctor 1.0 is the best cleaner among pool skimmers. This can be easily installed in your skimmer and has a large storage capacity to trap more debris every time. The SkimDoctor uses a number of physics principles to clean the water quick and efficiently. It applies the Bernouili Principle which causes the water to flow fast when water flows through a narrow slot. The water then is made to flow in two directions and is cleaned more effectively.

Buy: SkimDoctor [50% OFF – SAVE $17.55]

B. Skimmers Accessories

i. Skimmer Socks (Pool Filter Savers)


These skimmer socks are a layer before the filter. When water is made to flow through the skimmer, the debris is collected in the filter. These socks trap all the dirt and particles before it reaches the filter. They can be easily attached to the skimmer and removed when full. This saves the filter and gives it a longer life as all the debris is collected before it hits the filter.

Buy: Skimmer Socks [Low Price – Very Useful]

ii. Replacement Baskets (Skimmer Baskets)


Skimmer baskets come in various shapes and sizes to fit every skimmer. These baskets are equipped with a handle that allows you to easily lift the basket out, clean and replace, thus ensuring you don’t have to touch the slimy dirt particles.

Buy: Skimmer Basket [Different Design – Sizes]

iii. Pool Skimmer Cover


Now that you have a skimmer fitted into your inground swimming pool, it needs to be covered so that no one steps into it or large particles do not get in and jam the skimmer. There are a variety of skimmer cover lids made of different materials to suit different types and sizes of skimmers.

Buy: Pool Skimmer Cover [Different Sizes – Designs]

2- Inground Swimming Pool Pumps (Which Pump Meets My Needs?)

Every swimming pool needs a pump to clean the water. With the wide range of pumps available in the market today, it can be quite confusing to choose the right one for you. The following need to be considered before you narrow down on a pump for your swimming pool.
The capacity of the pool needs to be calculated accurately. Different sizes of pool have different quantities of water and thus different pumps are required. Once you know how much water is to be circulated, you need to calculate the maximum water flow rate. This will help you determine how long it would ideally take to circulate the water in your pool. Next the operating costs have to be calculated as you do not want to be surprised after investing in the wrong pump.

Types Of In-ground Pool Pumps

There are three main types of pumps. They are:

  • Two-speed pumps – the most commonly found pumps that work at two different speeds – high speed for cleaning and low speed for daily filtration.
  • Four-speed pumps – this pump is more advanced and the speeds can be adjusted according to the varying needs.
  • Variable Speed Pumps – these pumps can be operated at more than four speeds and can be programmed as per requirement.


These pumps are provided by a number of brands. Some of the most popular brands are Hayward, Pentair and Jandy pool pumps.
The right pool pump can save you a lot of energy and money. A pool pump cannot be chosen based on the cost alone. The above mentioned factors need to be considered before buying a pump as buying the right pump (even if a little expensive) can save you a lot of trouble and energy on the long run.

Best Inground Pool Pump


To help you get the best pump for your in-ground swimming pool, we recommend the Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump. This heavy duty, high performance motor pump is well recognized for its performance and is highly reliable. The swing-away hand knobs facilitate easier removal of the cover. The strainer cover is transparent and the basket is big and can hold a lot of debris, so you don’t need to clean it every day. This pump can be easily installed and serviced as the internal components can be easily accessed by just removing four bolts. This pump is also resistant to heat and comes with an industrial size ceramic seal that makes the pump drip proof and long lasting.

Buy(Recommended): Super pump By Hayward [37% OFF – SAVE $221.00 – 4.5 Stars – Different Speeds]

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A. Swimming Pool Pump Accessories – Pool Pump Timer

A swimming pool pump can consume a lot of energy if not monitored properly. For this purpose, you require a pool pump timer. This timer will enable you to calculate how many hours your pump is running in a day. A good pump should be able to do the job in 8 hrs of time. However, if you own a pool pump that is powerful, it should be able to complete the job in 4 to 6 hours, depending on the horse power of the pump and the size of the pool. There are two types of timers for you to choose from:

i. Mechanical Time Switch


This timer can load up to 40 Amps from 120 Volts and provides a direct switch control that can be set for 24 hours. Though this timer has the highest HP ratings in the industry it is not recommended for outdoor installation.

Buy(Recommended): Mechanical Time Switch [4.5 Stars]

ii. Digital Timer


This timer enables you to set up to 20 on and offs per day, which is repeated on a weekly basis. These settings can also be altered to have different settings on weekdays and weekends. These timers are weather proof and have two grounded outlets. In case of a power failure, the settings are retained with the help of the self charging battery back-up.

Buy: Programmable Timer [4 Stars]

3. In Ground swimming Pool Filters (All Info You Need)


An in-ground swimming, whether open or closed will have various dust particles and debris floating around all the time. It is for this reason that you need a pool filter. Many areas have legal specifications regarding the speed at which the water has to flow through the filter. Every pool has one or two drains plus the skimmer to catch all the debris floating around but not all the dirt can be cleaned this way. The filter helps in cleaning the water by running it through its system. There are three types of filters that you can use:

  • Pool Filter Diatomaceous Earth (DE): [1-5 microns = you get Crystal clear water]
  • Pool filter cartridge: [8-10 Microns = Very Clean Water]
  • Pool filter sand: [25-30 Microns = Somewhat clean water]


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4. Swimming Pool Heaters


Swimming is not just for the summer; you can swim in the winters too. There are a number of heated swimming pools today, there is no reason you shouldn’t own one. You can heat your swimming pool in three different ways:

A. Natural Gas Pool Heater


Gas pool heaters use either propane or natural gas, which is burnt in the combustion chamber to generate heat when the water is passed through the heater. These heaters can keep the water heated only for a short span of time. However, they can heat the water to any required temperature as there are no limits.

Buy: The Best Gas Pool Heater by Hayward [4.5 Stars – Good Investment]

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B. Solar Pool Heater


Solar pool heaters use the sun’s energy to heat the pool water. When you want to heat the water, the water is passed through the solar collectors and returned to the pool. These heaters can also be used on hot days to cool down the water by running the water through the system at night. Solar pool heaters, though more expensive than others to set up, will help you cut down your energy consumption by a large extent, on the long run.

Buy(Recommended): Solar Pool Heater by Smartpool [30% OFF – SAVE $86.11]

C. Solar Sun Rings


This heater again uses the sun’s energy to heat the swimming pool. The rings are made out of two layers of vinyl that is resistant to the UV rays. One is clear layer while the other is a blue layer. The sun’s rays are directed towards the blue layer where 50% of the rays are converted to heat while the remaining 50% sunlight is allowed to filter through the ring and reach the water.

Buy: Solar Rins for Pool [FREE Shipping – 6 or 10 pack]

5. Pool Chlorinator

Chlorine is one of the key elements you need when you have a pool. It is an effective water purifier and disinfectant. Chlorine is added to the clean filtered water before it is released back in to the pool. A pool chlorinator helps to add chlorine to the water without having to touch the chlorine. The different types of chlorinators are:

A. In-ground Pool Chlorinators (Auto Chlorinator)


This device measures the level of chlorine in the water and dispenses more chlorine as and when necessary, to ensure the pool is always clean and usable.

Buy: The Best Pool Chemical Feeder By Hayward [4.5 Stars – Low Price + FREE Shipping]

B. Chlorine Tablets


In this type of a chlorinator, a plastic canister holding up to 3 chlorine tablets is attached to the pipes carrying the water to the pool. These chlorinators come in two varieties: Inline and Outline and both can be manually controlled when it comes to regulating the chlorine level.

Buy: Floating chlorinator [#1 Best Seller – Low Price]

6. Swimming Pool Valves & Tools


There are a number of valves offered by top brands like Pentair, Jandy and Hayward. Valves are essential to maintain a controlled flow of water to the skimmers and filters and back into the pool. Some of the other tools you will need for an in-ground swimming pool are pool plungers, valve actuator, replacement plunger valve, etc.

Shop Now: Valves & Tools

7. Swimming Pool Drain (backwash) Hose


A hose is always required to transport the water to and from the swimming pool. The hose has to be of very good quality and length so that you can carry out your cleaning operations from a distance too. PVC lay flat hose from hydromaxx is made of industrial quality materials and lasts for many years. It is 50 feet long, thus ensuring you can transport your water from a long distance too.

Buy: Backwash Hose [4.5 Stars – 2 Sizes 50 ft & 100 ft]

That was the most important parts that your in-ground pool need to work great, Pleasure if you like the article help us by share in your favorite social media.

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